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The insatiable appetite of League of Legends’ next champion may have just resulted in the first glimpse of her making its way across social media—possibly well before it was supposed to.

According to a video today from YouTube channel Big Bad Bear, the official splash art for Briar, the upcoming hungry jungler that fans are expected to learn more about in the coming weeks, has supposedly leaked onto the internet. It is not yet clear if this is what Briar will officially look like, or if the leak is fake.

The splash art shown within the video depicts what is said to be Briar as a young vampire with pale skin, black clothing that covers her body, forearms, and legs, and eerily white-colored hair with red tips. Her face appears very similar in shape to Vex, but it features bulging white pupil-less eyes that suggest Briar is blind, meaning that—just like Lee Sin, the Blind Monk—Briar’s other senses are likely heightened for use in incapacitating her foes.

Notably, Briar appears to be locked inside a strangely spiky pillory, which looks exactly like the object that was shown in her initial teaser. While she can move her head slightly, her hands are locked within the spikes, making it seem that her true power is being restrained—or she’s been shackled for her own safety. According to the leaks, Briar breaks out of her pillory at some point during the game and gains an ample increase to her power.

Additional ability descriptions from the leaks suggest that Briar will have access to a dash, a fear, and some lifesteal across her abilities. At this point, none of her abilities, icons, nor their descriptions have been shown in any capacity, so it is unclear if these will in fact be aspects

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