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Fashion designers are the new painters, X’avier Alexander says. But it’s not the ‘80s anymore, where people flocked to see Warhol or Basquiat at an art gallery; it’s the moment for wearable art, he explains.

Alexander is a VCUarts fashion design student who won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s 2023 CFDA Design Scholar award. He’s one of a dozen recipients to be awarded out of 340 students that applied. Alexander won $50,000 through CFDA, thanks to a donation made by clothing company Eddie Bauer. He is appreciative and sees it as a stepping stone.

His thesis “Who You Be” involves the theme of Black identity and what it means today. Under this large umbrella, there are collections with subtopics such as consumerism, or how a false sense of empowerment can come through the consumption of luxury goods. Another collection touches on challenging environments his own community faces, such as food deserts and a lack of resources that can lead to hardships and even crime. The artist is also trying to build a better future and show what that would look like.

“It’s taking the good, bad and the ugly about our culture and conceptualizing it into collections that speak on these real life things that go on within our community,” Alexander says.

The artist has a larger vision in mind. He wants a multi-sensory experience involving what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling and how the space feels, Alexander says, adding that he thinks he would need more than $50,000 to create his vision exactly.

“I’m just super big on that; how can you experience fashion in a different space or in a different way, and having it be longer than like a 10 to 15-minute show where models are just walking,” Alexander explains. “I want you to come here

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The fourth annual “Art of Fashion” design competition and runway show returns to the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center Saturday with couture creations by 32 local designers being worn by more than 80 models.

In honor of Veterans Day, this design competition and runway show challenged designers to create art inspired by the bravery and resilience of warriors. The “Warriors” Runway Show will be hosted by Kate Glaser of Hope Rises and designs will be judged by Destiny Rogowski of Sweet Heart Pin Ups, Jordan Massimi: Style Mister and owner of Backroom Vintage, Ninja of Ninja Stylz Salon, and designer and international Niagara brand ambassador, Tina Mt. Pleasant.

These are not typical everyday apparel, but rather art presented on a human canvas along a movable gallery where artists can push the boundaries of wearable art design: These one-of-a-kind creations range from dresses made from abandoned teddy bears to steel cages covered in crystal; from up-cycled upholstery to classic vintage.

The designs featured in this year’s runway show were created by professional artists/designers as well as by upcoming stars from local design programs at Buffalo State, NCCC and even South Park High School. Designers include Amy McCalister, Amy Respeto Gonzalez, Anyelis Mendez, Aria Dasher, Brian “Bella” Bussard, Brook D’Angelo, Candace Masters, Carolyn Russell, Chelsea Badding, Dalia Perez, Danielle Ando, Denise Kelly, Ethan Bradley, Evelyn Schrimmel, Janice Spagnola, Jason Buckley, Julia Finucane, Karen Mock, Kia Ellis, Kodee Weir, Kristen Palmeri, Kyle-Lynn Tuttle, Laura Chenault, Liz LaMoy, Maria McLaughlin, Mary Grace Ohrum, Medis Kent, Sheila Zuni, Sydney Ford, Therese Camarra and Veronica Kruger.

Prizes will be awarded for creativity, showmanship and outstanding artistic merit.

The doors to the art center will open at 5 p.m. treating the crowd to a pre-show party with models wearing winning designs from previous years, live music and

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As Baltimore prepares to welcome back Artscape next month for the first time since 2019, a new addition to this year’s festival will highlight works by local fashion designers in two days of runway shows.

Project Artscape will be a fashion-focused event on Sept. 23 and 24, featuring 31 designers in total. The runway shows will take place at the Baltimore Improve Group’s parking lot at 1727 N. Charles St.

“There are so many great designers in this city that more people should know,” said Devin Shacklett, Senior Program Coordinator for BOPA, who came up with the idea for Project Artscape and is coordinating the program. “I am incredibly excited for the Baltimore City fashion community. Without a doubt, this is going to be a phenomenal experience!”

Festivalgoers will be able vote for their favorite designers featured in the shows through a poll on the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts’ social media platforms.

Project Artscape will also be live streamed on BOPA’s social media accounts.

On the first day, the event will spotlight designers Erin Boggs, Bronté, Naima Noire, Jordan Matthews, Love More Bmore, The Black Genius Art Show, Rochelle Bremmer, Melani Dowdy-Tucker, LTYC Shop, Robert Queen, Terrance Styyles, Ashley-Star Style Agency, TTheNASA8, Aiysha Jowhar and Critique Designs and Yanni.

The next day’s show will feature designs by Yele Oladeinde, Sue’s Closet and Eloquent Accessories, HighEndRebel, Julianna Josephine, Sehar Peerzada, Sanzi, Sigi’Nommo, Sherrell Whye, Iris Webb, Brandon Kanion, The Gailery Boutique, Classic Consigns by KYS, Amparo3, Knwldg Couture and Audacity Brand.

Local models will walk the 40-foot runway in the fashion shows. The event will be hosted by Caprece-Ann Jackson and will feature DJ Shido.

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Julia Scott Papiernik, owner of fashion brand Scott Free, is preparing for an explosive comeback in the Buffalo fashion scene. 

Julia’s passion for fashion design started at a young age, as she eagerly delved into a world of creativity. Starting in middle school, she began curating mini collections of fashion cut-outs and organizing them into sketchbooks, immersing herself in the art of design.  

Fueled by her love for fashion, Julia enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology for a two-year program in fashion design. During this time, she took the opportunity to expand her knowledge by attending weekend classes in millinery and jewelry casting. Driven to explore more, Julia decided to study abroad and attend Marist College where she had the opportunity to spend a semester in Florence, Italy. 

Julia Scott Papiernik shares some of her sketches

After completing her studies, Julia returned to Buffalo with a keen awareness of the limited opportunities in the field of fashion design. Nevertheless, she adapted by working in real estate, and currently works at Hodgson Russ as a Real Estate Legal Assistant. 

Yet her unwavering commitment to the fashion industry remains – she helped to create her own opportunity for designers like herself to showcase their work. Julia is one of the co-founders of FigBuffalo dedicated to establishing a fashion warehouse in Buffalo. 

ScottFree, Julia’s fashion apparel brand, is launching its first collection of Lingerie at the Fig Fashion Show. Her garments are made of top quality material sourced from New York City, and they aim to capture the perfect balance between bold yet timeless design. 

The fig fashion show [fig – fashion’s initial garment] will be held at Seneca One Tower on Saturday, September 30. Julia’s garments will be featured along with 8 other designers for an evening of fearless fashion. Tickets are on sale now.


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Three years ago, Samuel O. Campbell self-published the “Psalms of Samuel,” a chronicle of his upbringing in Jersey City and how he endured life from its rough parts drenched in people self-medicating. Always having an artistic bent, Campbell’s never lost sight of a passion to create – whether that be through his writing or as a musician, fashion designer, and a licensed contractor.

Campbell got help from the city in the form of contracting jobs – help he’s grateful for, he said in a recent interview. But he’s relocated to Pennsylvania for the time being, and last year there in the city of Williamsport, Campbell embarked on Don Marcolo, his line of apparel with the website up and running and a storefront on 1100 Washington Blvd.

That location was one that was highly sought after, Campbell said. He’d sent his future landlord some Don Marcolo products as part of a show of interest in renting the retail space. When they met, the landlord told him about the other prospective businesses, Campbell said.

“For some reason he just didn’t go with none of them but he went with me,” Campbell said. “(Don Marcolo) was just something different for that area. … Everybody wanted to do the smoke shops and stuff. He said he wouldn’t. He knew that he would make all his money back and get his rent on time, but he said he’s just gonna work with me.”

Campbell had been working on his creative visions for years. The things he’d pursued so far are things he’s literally seen himself do in dreams, Campbell said. But the name of his brand, which includes outerwear, sneakers, and clothing with new variations of all of them in his queue, popped into his mind during his time in Williamsport, a city of

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Eye-catching designs took centre-stage in Toronto this weekend as the INLAND designer pop-up descended on the historic Lillian Massey building in Yorkville.

Founded by Sarah Power in 2014, INLAND now features over 70 designers showcasing and selling their clothing, accessories and jewelry all in one space. This year, TMU’s Fashion students also got the chance to show off their work amidst the pros.

inland torontoThe marketplace, which typically takes place in the spring and fall, is born of Power’s love for Canadian brands. She told me, almost bashfully, that bringing all these designers into the space helps her understand how we can be a community together.

The designers that she selected for the market champion a combination of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and rousing aesthetics. 

“Clothing is the first point of contact that you can have with a person,” said Power. “I think it’s really important that people are connecting with the designers that are [telling] stories through their clothing.” 

inland toronto
Body-positive style 

For those looking for fashion that is adaptable to any body, Vogue-featured Anishinaabe designer, Lesley Hampton stood cheerfully by her colourful size-inclusive collection. 

Hampton’s clothes, which have been worn by powerhouse American rapper Lizzo, prioritize comfort without sacrificing confidence. 

inland torontoHampton’s “Rainbow Warrior” skirt is one of her best-selling pieces and her personal favourite from the current collection. It’s a statement wardrobe item with an elastic waistband that makes it comfortable for anyone. 

“Regardless of whether you are having a good body-image day or a bad one, your clothes need to work for you and help you showcase how amazing you are as a person,” said Hampton. 


inland fashion
Cheeky workwear 

Across the room, former Bay Street lawyer, Shawn Hewson was laughing with smartly-dressed colleagues in front of Bustle’s showcase. The brand is a sportswear label that has become known for its

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