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  • Some asoebi ladies wore stylish corset dresses that were tight on them and made it difficult for them to sit properly
  • They combined their outfits with accessories of necklaces and bangles and rocked beautiful lace wigs
  • In a video, they complained of discomfort as they tried to get out of a car to grace the wedding event

A lady (@abiimez on TikTok) shared how she and her fellow asoebi ladies struggled in their beautiful attire as they attended a wedding.

Asoebi ladies on <a href=tight corset dresses” title=”Asoebi ladies on tight corset dresses” sizes=”(max-width: 1021px) calc(100vw – 2 * 13px), (max-width: 1400px) calc((100vw – 2 * 20px – 2 * 20px) / 2), 800px”/
Asoebi ladies express discomfort in tight corset dresses. Image credit: @abiimez
Source: UGC

In a video, the ladies wore purple corset dresses made with purple fabric. They rocked stylish lace wig frontal hairstyles and accessories that made them look gorgeous.

The outfits caused them great discomfort as they could not sit properly or stand up successfully without a hassle.

Several netizens wondered why they chose to wear such tight corsets, while others simply laughed at them.

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See the TikTok video of the asoebi ladies in their tight corset dresses below:

Reactions trail the asoebi ladies’ outfits

Check out some of the comments that trailed the asoebi ladies’ attire below:


“When we make the corset short so you can sit properly, una go still complain say e no dey pack the fupa well. So enjoy the effect of the long corset.”


“Looking ridiculous in the name of fashion trend.”


“This is the real definition of E Choke.”


“The lady on the passenger seat by the driver’s side is saying,

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As soon as they saw the painting by Pavel Fedotov, visitors to the exhibition at the Academy of Arts began to smile widely and some were unable to contain their laughter. And again and again they came to look at it. Why?

Officer & artist

It took Fedotov a year to finish the paintingit was his third work. He, a retired officer of the Life Guards of the Finland Regiment, wanted to paint battle scenes. But, it turned out that everyday scenes were best for him. First, there were ‘Fresh Cavalier’ and ‘Difficult Bride’.

After seeing them, already famous artist Karl Bryullov was so delighted that he obtained a scholarship for the author. With the 700 rubles he received, the artist began to paint ‘Matchmaking of the Major’. He approached his work military thoroughness: he bought things to write from nature. I even bought a wedding dress. I wore a mannequin, giving it different poses to achieve believability. He approached his work with military thoroughness: he bought things to paint from life. He even bought a wedding dress. And dressed a mannequin, giving it different poses to achieve believability.

In 1849, Pavel Fedotov presented three of his works at an exhibition at the Academy of Arts. The public’s attention was focused on the new canvas: they were fist pumping, laughing openly and the artist himself read to the audience poems of his own composition explaining the essence of the ‘Matchmaking of the Major’.

Advantageous marriage

All the characters of the painting are in motion: an officer is peeking through the door, twirling his mustache; the cook is putting a culebiac pie on the table; the mother

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Denim in this heat? Only when it’s Kenzo.

City pop – the funk-meets-disco sound and retro-futurism aesthetic that emerged during the Japanese economic boom of the 1980s – is back in a big way this summer.

It inspires Kenzo artistic director Nigo’s spring summer collection as he looked at how founder Kenzo Takada interpreted this time period from the French brand’s archives.

His version is, of course, very much current: Japanese tailoring meets the oversize proportions of the ‘70s and the ‘80s, paired with semi-sheer knits and short shifts in a blurring of menswear and womenswear codes. Dress shorts in wide pleats are a hybrid of a hakama, and a double-breasted pinstripe jacket takes on the relaxed fit of a kimono. 

Graphics also feature prominently throughout the collection. Nigo’s close friend, the Japanese graphic artist and k-pop group Blackpink’s latest artistic director Verdy, contributed a reimagined “Kenzo Paris” logo, emblazoned on the back of jean jackets and windbreakers and even in some of the tailored pieces. A rose print reinterpreted from the Kenzo archive refreshes sheer, body-skimming pieces. 

Kenzo has been exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Stores Specialists, Inc. since late last year and this star-studded relaunch at the 96-square meter store carries current season offerings, as well as limited-edition collaborations, such as the highly-coveted Kenzo x Asics sneakers designed by artistic director Nigo, making it a true pilgrimage stop for fans of Kenzo and Nigo.


Kenzo is at G/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Makati.

For preppy and whimsical dressers alike, Kate Spade New York’s golf-inspired Tee Time collection.

Golf is the sport of the season and Kate Spade New York have the bags to match

No heatwave can deter golfers old and new from stepping out in the sun. Arguably the trendiest sport in recent years (along

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  • Popular fashion designer Toyin Lawani had her fans talking after she rocked an animal-themed dress
  • The front of the gold dress had a ram head design, while the back had a cape that flowed from her waist to her ankles
  • Her attire was a display of creativity and did not fall short of what the CEO of Tiannah’s Place Empire is known for

Popular Nigerian fashion designer Toyin Lawani is known for going overboard to create masterpieces and she has done it again.

In a photoshoot, she wore a creative gold dress that had the head of an animal designed in front. Behind her was a cape that flowed to her ankles.

Toyin Lawani slays in lovely outfits
Toyin Lawani looks stylish in her attire. Image credit: @tiannahsplacempire
Source: Instagram

Her dress was a definition of art and elegance. She wore a simple hairstyle and makeup that complemented her looks.

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She captioned her photo on her Instagram page:

“An iconic masterpiece. There can only be one #kingofallqueens. It takes courage, confidence and inner strength in this masterpiece creation cupped by the King Of Fashion via @elegantebytiannah.”

See Toyin’s creative dress below:

Reactions to Toyin’s animal-themed dress

Several fans of the celebrity stylist have reacted to her outfit. See some of the reactions below:


“Only one KOF.”


“There can only be one.”


“Fashion goddess.”


“Fashion goddess! King of all queens!! Bow down!!! Love you, ma. I am wishing you speedy recovery moi fav.”


“This is fashion.”


“Ma, all the goats head ooo. I will love to know where you do purchase them from.”


“King of fashion.”

Toyin Lawani posts creative banana-themed dress

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  • Popular singer Yemi Alade is not relenting in her fashion game, as she is always on the lips of her fans
  • This time, she decided to rock a multi-coloured outfit that comprised a trouser with a flair at the bottom and a jacket
  • The singer, often called Mama Africa, gave off the African vibe in her outfit, as her fans complimented her looks

Famous Nigerian singer Yemi Alade is always on top of her game when it comes to looking good, and she displayed her love for fashion in her latest outfit.

Yemi Alade slays in lovely outfits
Yemi Alade looks classy in her outfits. Image credit: @yemialade
Source: Instagram

She wore a colourful outfit which looked lovely on her. Her hairstyle was well braided, and she packed it stylishly.

The beautiful singer, often called Mama Africa, rocked white sparkling shoes that complemented her attire. She wore dark glasses and applied makeup that highlighted her beauty.

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Her fans were in awe of her as they hailed her.

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See Yemi Alade’s lovely outfit in the slides below:

Fans hail Yemi Alade’s look

Several fans of the beautiful Yemi Alade have reacted to her outfit. See some of the comments below:


“Wah music video?”


“So beautiful.”


“Queen Yemo abeg send me this dress make I wear after you don use am finish.”


“Woman of steel, nobody can take it away from you.”


“My crush.”


“@yemialade I like your fashion. We are waiting for fashion week in Africa we have to talk about it #afriqua. My love, i have missed you so much.”


“@yemialade you see this life e, not because of social

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In exploring the diverse expressions of personal identity and style, one intriguing aspect that emerges is the choice of some men to wear women’s clothing. This phenomenon transcends simple fashion preferences, tapping into deeper discussions about gender identity, societal norms, and personal freedom. The motivations and implications of this choice can vary widely, encompassing psychological, cultural, and aesthetic dimensions. In this detailed exploration, we aim to understand the nuanced reasons behind this preference and how it reflects broader societal changes.

Historical and Cultural Context

The Tradition of Cross-Dressing

Cross-dressing has historical roots that reach back to ancient civilizations, where men often donned attire typically worn by women for religious, theatrical, or ceremonial purposes. In many cultures, these practices were not only accepted but celebrated as essential elements of tradition and storytelling. Understanding this historical context sheds light on how modern perceptions of clothing and gender norms are culturally constructed and subject to change.

Psychological Perspectives

Exploring Identity and Expression

For many men, wearing women’s clothing is a profound way to explore personal identity. It can serve as an expression of a gender identity that does not conform to traditional male stereotypes or as a way to explore the fluidity of gender. Psychologists suggest that this can be a therapeutic exercise for some, providing a sense of relief from the constraints imposed by conventional gender roles.

The Role of Autogynephilia

Autogynephilia, a term coined in the context of sexual psychology, describes a male’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought of oneself as female. This concept, although controversial and not universally accepted, is often part of the conversation when discussing why some men are drawn to wearing women’s clothing.

Aesthetic Appreciation and Comfort

Fashion as Art

Beyond gender identity or psychological factors, some men simply appreciate the aesthetic of

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In this project at The Hythe, designers from Slifer Designs incorporated wildlife paintings into the overall look.
Courtesy photo

Slifer Designs’ tagline, “Designed for Your Story,” applies to all facets of interior design, but one of the prominent ways it comes into play is through art. Just like the creativity, technique and skill that goes into generating a unique piece of art, placing it in the home takes a special eye.

It all begins with deeply listening to clients about what they want and how they use their space. This discovery process acts as an inspiration to start the design process. As they install furnishings and finishes, and handle all of the logistics, they also pay special attention to artwork.

“Art is a great way to bring the soul of the client into the home,” said Oshi Gardarian, lead designer at Slifer Designs.

A feather painting works well in this bedroom designed by Slifer Designs.
Courtesy image

While it’s easy to select appealing pieces, it’s not always easy to know where to place them, how to choose the proper scale for a wall or room, or how to group smaller items neatly.

“We try to think about design as a story. When you walk through the home, you want it to be the same story.” Oshi Gardarian, Slifer Designs

Gardarian recommends first sticking with your region — in this case, art that reflects the natural environment, from mountains and forests to Rocky Mountain wildlife. For example, a recent redesign of a penthouse in The Hythe building in Lionshead includes depictions of deer, from a triptych to Pendelton-upholstered mule deer mounts and a piece portraying mama deer with her babies.

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“We try to think about design as a story. When you walk through the home,

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A pair of new exhibitions at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery invites visitors to peer through history using radically different perspectives. 

In Tam Harrington’s Fashion, a Complex Relationship, ornate garments fashioned from repurposed metal and plastics stand ready to adorn women from ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, and Havana night clubs.  

Within the colourful frames of Strata, arrayed in the Eve Smart Gallery, acrylic and glass shaped by Linda Suffidy depict the seductively grooved contours of deep time. 

Both artists met with members of the public during an opening reception on Feb. 17. Attendees stood among the mannequins adorned by Harrington, punctuating its parade of feminine power. Each piece by the Gibsons-based artist and educator is inspired by a period or woman who influenced her creative journey. 

“Clothing can be about progressive change or it can be about holding women back,” said Harrington. “That’s why so many of the things that have hoops are like cages, keeping the woman inside.” Harrington’s regalia for Queen Elizabeth I includes a hooped petticoat (known as a farthingale) that defines a boundary around the regent while pinpointing her as a centre of attention. Its high ruff collar is made from intricately joined strips of metal splayed from the neckline, simultaneously exalting and protecting. 

The association of Harrington’s wearable art with armour is unmistakable, whether in its three-dimensional realization or in her ink drawings accentuated by acrylic paint. The Ten Commandments Bra & Venus Flytrap Thong exudes seductive allure alloyed with adamantine brawn. 

Her assemblage Mur de Fluer evokes the practice that arose in 12th-century China for embroidering clothing with flowers and scenes of nature. But there are no shrinking violets in Harrington’s sculpture: leaves and petals are realized as gleaming flanges and tines. Her Bra for Breast Cancer Awareness is a barbed bandeau that

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  • Actress Bimbo Adeoye is not bothered about going through pain as long as she looks good in her attire
  • She proved this with the corset dress she adorned at Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre movie premiere hosted by Kunle Afolayan
  • Her traditional corset dress was tight on her, and she looked uncomfortable in it

Popular Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye got her fans talking after the outfit she wore to filmmaker Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre series premiere trended online.

The movie star looked like she was finding it hard to breathe in her purple corset outfit. She looked uncomfortable as she sat at a table with other celebrities at the star-studded event in Lagos.

Bimbo Ademoye rocks tight <a href=corset dress” title=”Bimbo Ademoye rocks tight corset dress” sizes=”(max-width: 1021px) calc(100vw – 2 * 13px), (max-width: 1400px) calc((100vw – 2 * 20px – 2 * 20px) / 2), 800px”/
Bimbo Ademoye looks uncomfortable in her corset dress at Kunle Afolayan’s movie premiere. Image credit: @bimboademoye/Instagram
Source: Instagram

Her outfit was combined with a stylish headwrap, giving her a glamorous look. However, the discomfort she felt was very obvious for many to see.

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Other celebs’ outfits to the movie premiere

Other entertainers also turned up at the event looking gorgeous. Actress Jaiye Kuti left most of her upper body parts exposed and it got her some criticism from netizens.

Bimpe Adedimeji, aka Mo Bimpe, also showed off her beauty in her dress. The ever-beautiful Monalisa Chinda did not disappoint with her purple attire. Also, Femi Adebayo looked charming in his black outfit as he interacted with other guests at the event.

Others present at the occasion were Sola Sobowale, Lateef Adedimeji, Taiwo ‘Ogogo’ Hassan, among others.

Check out

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Patti Sunio – The Philippine Star

February 16, 2024 | 12:00am

The fashion and art scene is abuzz and exciting. After last year’s three-month run at Greenbelt 5, PHx Station, the dynamic market of the most exciting Filipino contemporary fashion brands, culminates with a pop-up at the much-awaited Art Fair Philippines 2024.

This edition of PHx Station will feature apparel collections from Bagasáo, Idyllic Summers, Joyce Makitalo, Jude Macasinag, Kelvin Morales, Kill Joy Studios, Le Ngok, nicolò, Novel, and Randolf. PHx Station also presents a selection of jewelry by Joyce Makitalo and exclusive art pieces previously featured at Dover Street Market in Tokyo from 13 Lucky Monkey.

“It’s important to see the designers we feature — past, present and future — as an ongoing collaborative narrative of design, craftsmanship and fashion,” says Esme Palaganas, co-founder of the PHx Fashion Group.

PHx Station couldn’t have found a better final destination to close its 2023 season, as Art Fair Philippines, founded in 2013, is the prime space to showcase the best of the country’s modern and contemporary visual arts. The move likewise continues to underscore the PHx Fashion Group’s aim to provide a platform to help propel fledging labels to a global standard.

PHx Station’s presence in Art Fair Philippines results in an ongoing dialogue between art and fashion. “We believe that the brands featured in PHx Station exhibit deliberate intentionality in their work, each possessing a distinct language and voice to communicate with their customers and audience,” shares Joseph Bagasao, co-founder of the PHx Fashion Group. “This parallels the process of creating art.”

“Having space in Art Fair Philippines is an exciting project for us, as we share the same values of recognizing and providing a platform for genuine talent,” Bagasao adds.

* * *

PHx Station at Art Fair

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