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In an interesting twitter space conversation on Wednesday evening, an amazing discussion is ongoing,

It’s a chat on decolonizing African hairstyles and dress codes.

A most needed chat aimed at liberating  black people from suppressive postcolonial norms.

Most if not all African countries had their unique way of life before they encountered the colonialists.

From a robust governance structure, to unique beauty standards inherent in their beautiful cultural practices.

One of the speakers commented on a rather common phenomenal which has been adopted by most African countries, imposing specific hairstyles in schools, a move that has emitted mixed reactions, with some terming it as an unnecessary move.

The upbringing of the African child has had a major impact on their dressing code, and also the hairstyle they keep,

‘’the girl child has been brought up in a patriarchal society that has defined a lot, which includes the dressing code ‘’ ‘One speaker mentioned  

This raising awareness for the appreciation of black hair has started many social, political, and artistic initiatives around the world. In August 2016 a girl at Pretoria High School in South Africa protested against the school policy that prohibits girls from wearing their natural black hair.

Dress code Regulation In Work Places

One speaker mentioned a scenario where she was told that the office admitted women who wear skirts, a move she felt was locking out women who were not comfortable wearing skirts.

A further engagement on this brought about the effect of regulations in work places in terms of what to wear and the effect it has on employees,

a move that has been discouraged since it effects individual productivity.

It’s clear that dress code plays a key role in shaping our

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Clifton Prescod/Bravo
Clifton Prescod/Bravo

As soon as the first photos from “The Real Housewives of New York”‘s reunion hit the internet, people were up in arms over Jenna Lyons’s look. On Sept. 27, the cast picture for the anticipated reunion was released, and several fans seemed disappointed by the fashion designer’s sartorial choices. The look in question? A black blazer, a sheer button-up shirt paired with a black tie, and — here’s the shocker — jeans. “Denim, of all things?” “How is that dress code appropriate?” “I thought she was a fashion icon,” some of the comments read.

According to Bravo, the blazer and tie were from Saint Laurent, and the sheer blouse was designed by Thom Browne; Lyons finished the look with Dries Van Noten heels and Levi’s jeans. SLP, Thom Browne, Levi’s, and Dries — does it get any more fashionable than that? But jeans were somehow the point of contention.

“The reunion — yes, I wore jeans, and I am not sorry,” Lyons captioned a now-expired Instagram Story. Somehow, jeans are unfathomable for a reality TV show reunion. When the first Real Housewives reunion premiered in 2006 (for “The Real Housewives of Orange County”), the dress code was very casual — replete with wedges and gauchos, and housewife Jeana Keough even wore a tank paired with jeans and heels. Then, in 2008, at “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”‘s reunion, the dress code became more business casual, with tunics, leggings, and cowl-neck sweaters. Somewhere between then and now, the expectation has shifted to ornate gowns with sequins, feathers, and all the finery. And while the ladies look glamorous and red carpet ready, I question if that format allows each cast member’s style to genuinely shine.

While the ladies look glamorous and red carpet ready, I

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Salsa Themed Party NYC! Join us for the most amazing Latin Dancing Parties every Third Saturday of the Month. Dress code & decorated studio!

About this Event

Salsa Party NYC, Theme Series is here! ?????

In December we started our theme parties! and have been such an amazing experience! ?

Every 3rd Saturday of the month we host the Theme Party of the month, at Little Dreams Event Space. The space will be decorated accordingly to the theme, also for each theme, we’ll have a dress code matching the theme!?

Schedule, every 3rd Saturday of the month:

2nd Chapter: January – Neon/UV Light Theme Party – Dress code: Uv reactive clothing/painting (Gallery Photos Tag: Fabian, Decoration Tag: Toto, Party Tag: Salsa Sabrosa)

3rd Chapter: February – Lover’s Inferno Theme Party – Dress code: Black & Red (Gallery)

4th Chapter: March 18th – Angel’s Theme Party – Dress code: All White

5th Chapter: April 15th – Masquerade ball/Gala Theme Party – Dress code: Formal Attire, Dress to impress

6th Chapter: May 20th – Disco party/80’s Theme Party – Dress code: 80’s Style

7th Chapter: June 17th – Nationalities Theme Party – Dress code: Clothing representing your countries/Clothe with flags of your country

8th Chapter: July 15th – Movie Theme Party – Dress code: As your favorite movie character

9th Chapter: August 19th – Pajama Party Theme Party – Dress code: Use your pajama

10th Chapter: September 16th – Ocean Party/Hawaiian Theme Party – Dress code: Tropical/Hawaiian

11th Chapter: October 21st – Halloween Party Theme Party – Dress code: Costumes

12th Chapter: November 18h – Circus Party Theme Party – Dress code: As a clown, child, Leon, Lollipop, or anything that represents the circus!

13th Chapter: December 16th – Christmas/New Year Theme Party – Dress code: Red & White

Let’s create out

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The Nixa school board has updated its dress code policy to outlaw lingerie, visible undergarments and body paint at the junior high and high school.

At the June 22 meeting, the board also tweaked rules regarding the public displays of affection involving students on school property or at school events.

Fondling and groping, formerly described as PDA in the student handbook, were reclassified as “sexual activity” and trigger tougher discipline.

The Nixa junior high and high school handbooks have long included detailed dress code rules and the bulk of it remains the same, officials said.

Jared Webster, executive director of secondary education, said the changes were “a response to current trends.”

“What we always say is what is acceptable to wear on a Friday night out is not always acceptable to wear to school,” he said. “Sometimes a specific piece of clothing will become very popular and it’s not appropriate for a school setting and you just have to address that.”

Jared Webster

Jared Webster

Webster, who was principal of Nixa Junior High until June 30, said sheer clothing was popular nearly a decade ago and prompted tweaks to the rules, which are designed to limit distractions.

“More than anything, it is assuring that we are keeping education the main priority,” he said.

The changes this year including banning lingerie of any kind and body paint and noting that “undergarments” of any kind — the rules used to just read “underwear” — could not be visible.

Webster said the body paint question may have come up in relation to what’s appropriate to wear on game day and to make clear that clothing, not just paint, is required to adequately cover up.

More: In Missouri, more school districts try to suspend licenses of teachers who break contracts

Students who violate

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Editor’s note: Article updated on April 28, 2023.

We’re pretty much at the start of wedding season, and our calendars are filling up fast. The last thing we want to be worrying about is what we’re going to wear, and if you have no clue where to start, fall back on the most trusted option in existence — a killer black dress!

No matter what the theme or location, a black dress will be a safe bet for more reasons than one. It’s a timeless hue, and it’s a strong color if there will be photos taken. Its flattering effect can’t be ignored!

But then there’s the next question: Which type of black dress should you buy? There are a few different options available. If the vibe of the wedding is more low-key, you can opt for a shorter dress or a frock with a simpler silhouette. That said, some basic dresses can actually look chic and elevated with the right styling — so it completely depends on how you want to accessorize it. If the dress code is fancier, we think a full-length style is definitely the way to go!

Black dresses also have another major advantage: You can wear them over and over again! You don’t want to spend serious money on a dress that’s going to end up collecting dust after a wedding, but if you buy a black one, you may find yourself reaching for it more often. With that in mind, we picked out a number of black dresses that will fit the aesthetic for any wedding event you’re shopping for. One of these styles could become your new go-to LBD for upcoming summer, fall and winter events!

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