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Welcome to the future of fashion, where cutting-edge technology intertwines with sustainable clothing. In a world that craves innovation and seeks eco-friendly alternatives, wearable tech emerges as a beacon of hope. From smart fabrics that monitor our health to garments made from recycled materials, fashion meets technology in extraordinary ways, revolutionizing the way we dress while protecting our planet. Join us as we explore the captivating rise of wearable tech in sustainable clothing – where style seamlessly merges with sustainability!

Introduction to Sustainable Fashion and Wearable Technology

In recent years, the world has been facing increasing concerns about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. According to studies, the fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions and is a major contributor to water pollution, waste generation, and deforestation.

As a result, there has been a growing movement towards sustainable fashion – a trend that aims to reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by clothing production. But what exactly does sustainable fashion entail? And how can technology play a role in making it more environmentally friendly?

Sustainable fashion is an umbrella term that encompasses various practices such as using organic or recycled materials, reducing water consumption during production, promoting fair labor practices, and minimizing waste through recycling or upcycling. The ultimate goal of sustainable fashion is to create clothing that has minimal environmental impact while still being stylish and functional.

At the same time, technological advancements have also paved the way for innovative solutions in the fashion industry. This includes wearable technology – electronic devices or computers that can be incorporated into clothing or accessories – which is gaining popularity among both consumers and brands alike.

Wearable technology offers endless possibilities in terms of

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“If you ask women about their clothes, they tell you about their lives.” That’s what Delia said after she and her sister, the late famed writer-director Nora Ephron, asked 100 of their friends “to tell us the stories of their clothes.” The sisters then synthesized those stories into a play called, “Love, Loss and What I Wore” (debuted off-Broadway in 2009). “Nora said the play is about identity,” that is, the identities we reflect or try to be through our clothing, shoes and accessories, Kristin Marguerite Doige wrote in Nora Ephron: A Biography.

“I tried spending quite a lot of money on a purse, the theory being that having an expensive purse would inspire me to become a different person,” Nora wrote in her bestselling book, I Feel Bad About My Neck.

“One of Delia’s contributions about high heels,” Doige continued, “provid(ed) thoughtful fodder for the ongoing problematic relationship women have with the things they must wear, want to wear, hate to wear, and need to wear as they perform their femininity at work and at home.”

Our clothing reflects, “who you were when you bought the thing, wore the thing, and most importantly, who or what you love, and perhaps lost in it,” Doige wrote. “It’s about relationships – not with the clothes themselves, but with the people they represent – mothers, sisters, daughters, husbands, lovers.”

I’d add that what we wear for “work” reflects how we identify with

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Bella Hadid is appearing on the cover of Perfect‘s Spring/Summer 2024 issue.

The 27-year-old supermodel wore only underwear for the racy shoot, which she art directed herself.

The fashion industry figure – who recently showed off her toned form in a sultry snap – had a poster over her chest and tummy while she sat on a green chair.

The sister of Bella Hadid wore her long dark hair in soft curls as she added gold earrings and had on plenty of pink blush on her cheeks and nose.

This comes after she took a break from modeling to look after her health. 

Bella Hadid marked her return to modeling for magazine covers by being featured on the cover of Perfect's Spring/Summer 2024 issue

Bella Hadid marked her return to modeling for magazine covers by being featured on the cover of Perfect’s Spring/Summer 2024 issue

The daughter of Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid had a fresh tan. 

Hadid also shared a behind-the-scenes video and photo from the shoot on her Instagram account.

In her clip, the model was seen while wearing a pair of black-and-beige shoes as she worked with her team.

The fashion industry personality also wrote a short message in her post’s caption to let her fans know that she was officially ‘back in action.’

Hadid began her modeling career during her teenage years and quickly rose to prominence within the fashion world.

However, the entrepreneur stepped away from modeling last year in order to focus on receiving treatment for Lyme disease, with which she was diagnosed in 2015.

The runway regular went on to provide her fans with periodic updates on her health in various Instagram posts. 

Hadid covered up much of her sculpted upper body with a tri-tone screen print that had been custom-made by Corbin Brown

Hadid covered up much of her sculpted upper body with a tri-tone screen print that had been custom-made by

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Looking to lock down your New Year’s Eve outfit? Say no more.

Founder by Kristina Lisovets, the Moscow-based label, SAY NO MORE, serves up statement occasion wear that’s low-key luxe and cool-girl glam.

The brand’s signature corset pieces and figure-outlining dresses make for the perfect outfit for all the upcoming occasion on your radar.

Having been in the fashion industry for 10 years as a prolific stylist, Kristina has founded SAY NO MORE from satiating the desire for fashion-forward statement pieces for her clients. Forging a new path as a fashion entrepreneur, Kristina gets down to business and shares with Emirates Woman how she brought her vision to life to build a brand of her own, opening a store in Dubai, the trend she’s excited about for next season, and lastly, what’s next on the horizon.

How did you know it was the right time to launch the brand and what was the catalyst for this?

I had ten years of practice as a stylist; while creating fashion looks for Russian pop singers, we did a lot of sewing for big shows, and in the process I gained experience in tailoring and styling. After seven years in the industry, I wanted to create something of my own. I knew what was in demand in the market and what my clients wanted, because every day I was faced with the fact that I couldn’t find something. I also understood what real luxury quality is, and finally, I had my own vision of the brand – I wanted to create something artistic and theatrical, bright and unlike anything else.

We spent 30,000 rubles on fabric and hired a tailor who made the first three items, two of which we are still selling with great success after four years since creation of the

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With each passing year, the fashion industry shape-shifts to mimic the zeitgeist. In 2020, fortunate designers across the globe transformed their ateliers into production centers for masks and medical supplies, in response to the onset of the COVID pandemic. The following year, Y2K had its glorious revival, as consumers found comfort in the past while practicing social distancing in the turbulent modern-day. 2022 saw the rise of the “-core,” or the widely-popular suffix that allowed TikTok users to turn practically any noun into a niche fashion trend; and thanks to its oversaturation, 2023 was predominantly about paring back, in the wake of quiet luxury.

Now, as 2024 is only days away, fashion’s next chapter is just beginning to write itself, and the industry’s surroundings are uncertain. To say the least, the world’s cultural and sociopolitical climates are tumultuous, and the calls for more sustainable industry practices are louder than ever. Designers know this to be true, and many of their outlooks for next year reflect a unified hunt for authenticity, transparency and necessity. The industry is fatigued by the pursuit of virality, and there’s a yearning for a larger spotlight on the fundamentals of true fashion design. In 2024, designers want to push the creative needle forward with caution — to preserve the environment, to make space for up-and-comers and to maintain their individuality.

Below, Hypebeast sat down with 24 designers to understand what the fashion industry can expect in 2024.

Willy Chavarria

How do you hope to see the fashion industry evolve over the next year?

I hope to see our values shift a bit and consume less fashion. I love clothing and I sell clothing, but I intend to focus on smaller collections with heirloom quality so that pieces can be worn for years and

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Toccin Co-Founders Alex and Michael

Toccin is a lifestyle fashion brand started by the husband and wife duo, Michael and Alex Toccin, in 2019. Since they launched the brand, it has grown considerably as they add more and more to their line and collections each year with the support of their engaged fashion community in NYC, the Hamptons, and beyond.


Their mission is simple: to create clothing that helps women feel confident and stylish, while maintaining the importance of comfort when life is busy. With their brand-new fall collection out, there is no shortage of trendy essentials for sweater weather and jacket season. The couple spoke more about the mission behind Toccin, what sets their brand apart, especially in the Hamptons, and what they are looking forward to as they continue to grow.


What is the Toccin brand all about?


Michael: TOCCIN, with a simple mission of creating fashion that would make women feel comfortable, confident, and stylish, and their collection of luxe cool staplesincluding everything from their signature dresses to streamlined knitwear and specialty statement piecesdoes just that.


How did you each get your start in this industry? 


Michael: We met as college freshmen and have been bringing out the best in each other since. After moving to New York and establishing ourselves individually in the fashion industry. I worked with Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, and KaufmanFranco, while Alex honed her press + marketing skills at fashion industry mainstays like Ralph Lauren and Theory—we decided to build our own digital hub giving women a place to discover and discuss trends and fashion in an approachable, authentic way.


What led you to pursue the launch of the Toccin brand together?


Michael: Our hyper-engaged community, @alexandmichaeltoccin, inspired our first collection, Toccin. Since the first season,

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Bidayat, the investment platform founded by Rachid Mohamed Rachid, has acquired the intellectual property and a substantial part of the archives of renowned Italian fashion designer Walter Albini.

The Switzerland-based investment platform, part of the Alsara Investment Group company, said in a statement that it plans to relaunch Walter Albini as a global luxury brand, describing the dormant Italian fashion house as a “hidden jewel”.

Rachid Mohamad Rachid, founder and chairman of Bidayat, said: “We are honoured having unearthed this hidden jewel of Italian high fashion and are currently studying Walter Albini’s vast heritage to set the foundations for the future of the eponymous brand.

“Walter Albini deserves to claim its rightful place amongst the top luxury brands on the global stage. Our challenge will be finding the right calibre of leadership team to bring alive our vision and ambition.”

Currently, Bidayat said it is teaming up with various museums, cultural institutions, curators, publishers, media partners and luxury advisors to “create awareness and recognition about the legacy of Walter Albini and his transformative impact on the fashion industry” ahead of reviving the iconic brand. No timeline has been given from the investment platform on when the brand will announce the creative and leadership team or launch its first collection.

Image: Alfa Castaldi; Designs by Walter Albini for Misterfox, Milan, 1971

At the heart of the relaunch will be archival pieces from Walter Albini acquired from collector Dr Barbara Curti, whose mother Marisa Curti had been a long-term collector of Walter Albini since his early days as a designer. The archive is the largest garment and accessories repository of the brand and include fashion clothing pieces showcasing Walter Albini’s iconic prints, fabric accessories, as well as costume jewellery, original drawings, and photographs. Bidayat added that Curti will continue to

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