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The 90s are a hot commodity in 2024.

A decade largely known for pop culture prosperity, enormous fashion and the rise of the internet, the era serves as peak nostalgia for a trifecta of generations.

So when the Lightning Foundation needed an artist to design the puck for this week’s ’90s Night’ home game, they tapped a native of the American mecca of 90s influence: Seattle’s Chad Atkinson.

Atkinson is a Florida-based photographer, visual designer and artist out of the Pacific Northwest who found a home in Jacksonville in 2015. Ironically, that’s where he fell in love with Lightning hockey—catching games at a local sports bar—and eventually the Tampa Bay area thanks to its beaches and unique culture in places like St. Pete and Ybor City.

In his local artist spotlight, Atkinson talks Tampa’s biggest inspirations, a perpetual passion for playing music and what it was like growing up in the height of 90s culture.

The 90s Seattle music and art scene is famously influential—what was it like to experience that and did it help in your design of the 90s puck?

There was always some local music being played around the house and in the car. My mom loved Soundgarden and Nirvana, so those became staples of mine as a kid. Although 90s Seattle might be more associated with flannel and muted color palettes, there was a highly contrasting and vivid aesthetic that was popular especially in the early 90s which fit a kind of overall alternative vibe that was going on, breaking up some of the gloominess that its known for. Melvins’ ‘Houdini’ album is a good example of that, with vivid colors and quirky imagery juxtaposing with the dark and heavy music. That definitely had an influence on me, incorporating high contrasting and vivid elements in my

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