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With each passing year, the fashion industry shape-shifts to mimic the zeitgeist. In 2020, fortunate designers across the globe transformed their ateliers into production centers for masks and medical supplies, in response to the onset of the COVID pandemic. The following year, Y2K had its glorious revival, as consumers found comfort in the past while practicing social distancing in the turbulent modern-day. 2022 saw the rise of the “-core,” or the widely-popular suffix that allowed TikTok users to turn practically any noun into a niche fashion trend; and thanks to its oversaturation, 2023 was predominantly about paring back, in the wake of quiet luxury.

Now, as 2024 is only days away, fashion’s next chapter is just beginning to write itself, and the industry’s surroundings are uncertain. To say the least, the world’s cultural and sociopolitical climates are tumultuous, and the calls for more sustainable industry practices are louder than ever. Designers know this to be true, and many of their outlooks for next year reflect a unified hunt for authenticity, transparency and necessity. The industry is fatigued by the pursuit of virality, and there’s a yearning for a larger spotlight on the fundamentals of true fashion design. In 2024, designers want to push the creative needle forward with caution — to preserve the environment, to make space for up-and-comers and to maintain their individuality.

Below, Hypebeast sat down with 24 designers to understand what the fashion industry can expect in 2024.

Willy Chavarria

How do you hope to see the fashion industry evolve over the next year?

I hope to see our values shift a bit and consume less fashion. I love clothing and I sell clothing, but I intend to focus on smaller collections with heirloom quality so that pieces can be worn for years and

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