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She’s in her silver fox era.

Paulina Porizkova posed topless with nothing but silver paint covering her breasts for the November cover of Elle Magazine’s Czech edition.

The model, who styled black unbuttoned slacks with her look, placed her hands in her pocket while staring straight into the camera.

She wore her gray hair straight and appeared to be wearing minimal makeup with her lips colored with berry lipstick.

The Czech-born beauty opened up about the “special” photoshoot, claiming she feels most powerful when she is nude.

“This is where my power lies,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday. “Not the nudity per se, but the ability to show myself as I am.”

The supermodel was covered with silver paint, which she referred to as an “armor” of strength. paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Porizkova, 58, explained she was “brought up in a culture and time where nudity was common and absolutely accepted as a part of being human.”

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“I was never made to feel ashamed of an unclothed body, mine or anyone else’s,” she continued.

“So perhaps it stand to reason that as long as it is MY choice to undress, it actually makes me feel strong.
It makes me feel like I have nothing to hide.”

The Czech-born beauty took to Instagram Monday to reflect on the “special” meaning behind the shoot. ?Instagram

The “No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful” author described the silver paint to be similar to “an armor” that “deflects darkness and reflects light” while still allowing her to “feel everything.”

While the shoot made Porizkova feel “powerful,” she admitted she doesn’t always feel that way.

“This is the woman I’d like to become,” she wrote. “The one who claims her space without apologies, without guilt, without shame, and –

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