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BLK DNM is an American-Swedish fashion brand that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s. The brand has undergone significant changes recently, relaunching itself as a luxury fashion company and being acquired by ChromaWay, a Swedish blockchain technology company, earlier this year.

Toni Collin, a retail veteran and CEO of BLK DNM, has brought Jessy Heuvelink on board as their Creative Director. Heuvelink’s impressive resume includes working with J. Lindeberg, Adidas, and Christian Lacroix. Collin is introducing BLK DNM as a “Connected Fashion” concept focusing on sustainability and responsibility. To this end, BLK DNM has launched a collection of leather jackets connected and powered by blockchain technology.

The jackets are embedded with NFC chips that track and instantly confirm their authenticity, reducing the risk of counterfeits. Each item is also featured with a digital twin, which is a unique identity, and the product carries and tracks all data from conception to future provenance. “Our jackets will tell a story. With our blockchain technology, you can track the provenance and authenticate, creating a life story of the jacket and its value.” Explained Heuvelink.

The brand also provides a Forever Refund Policy, which guarantees an “eternal cashback” redeemable value for customers who wish to return an item for recycling. The policy ensures customers receive at least 10% of the item’s value. The articles are then refurbished and resold by the company. “We believe in taking responsibility for the quantity of products we produce and aim to inspire our customers to take responsibility for the amount they consume. By working together, we can close the loop and create a more sustainable future,” said Collin.

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