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DR. WALLACE: I’m a teenager who likes to doodle and paint, but my father thinks it’s a waste of time. My mother is quite artistic, and she’s a fantastic decorator in our home. She has a keen and tasteful eye for decor and fashion, but my father is more rigid and less interested in the arts.

My mom recently told me painting and creating art can be beneficial for a young person. Can you confirm this? If so, I’d like to show my letter to you and your reply back to me to my dad so he might ease up on telling me I’m wasting my time. — I Like to Paint, via email

I LIKE TO PAINT: I agree with your mother that you are indeed not wasting your time. Painting can nurture brain activity, and this has been supported by research on this topic.

Think about how a child learns to use a crayon to color in a coloring book. Even the child’s first rudimentary scribbles serve an important function in advancing eye-hand coordination and cause the brain to engage in cognitive processing. Even young children who take the time to draw pictures demonstrate better concentration and focus. This benefit continues throughout life’s development, and the teen years also derive a good benefit accordingly.

Creating art has positive effects on the human body both mentally and physically. It boosts creativity, soothes anxiety and elevates self-esteem. I side decidedly with your mother on this topic.

DR. WALLACE: I’m going to be hosting a party for several of my fellow students to celebrate a special event next month. I’m not experienced as a host at all.

Since this is my event, to be held on a Saturday afternoon into the early evening, everyone else in my family

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The Newark Museum of Art (NMOA) is proud to announce the highly anticipated opening of its latest exhibition, “The Story of Newark Fashion: Atelier to Runway,” set to debut on February 22, 2024. This landmark exhibition, in development since 2021, marks the museum’s first large-scale showcase dedicated to contemporary American fashion, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and enduring legacy of Newark’s fashion scene.

Featuring the works of 11 fashion designers with strong connections to Newark, including iconic names such as Narciso Rodriguez, Stephen Burrows, and Project Runway finalist Shavi Lewis, the exhibition pays homage to the city’s deep roots in the garment and jewelry industries. Through a curated selection of designs, archival footage, and oral histories, “The Story of Newark Fashion” highlights the city’s pivotal role in shaping the global fashion landscape.

Screen Shot 2024 02 15 at 10.11.39 AM

At the heart of the exhibition lies a simulated runway display, showcasing the groundbreaking designs of Newark-born Stephen Burrows. Renowned as one of the defining designers of disco-era fashion, Burrows’ influence reverberates through the fashion world. Nine of his garments, symbolically “walking” the runway in Paris, pay homage to his historic presentation at the Battle of Versailles in 1973, a watershed moment in fashion history.

In addition to Burrows’ contributions, the exhibition explores Newark’s rich history as a hub for creativity and innovation in the world of contemporary fashion for over 75 years. From the ateliers of trailblazing designers Wesley Tann and Emily Miles in the 1950s and 1960s to the contemporary designers shaping the industry today, Newark’s fashion legacy is celebrated and contextualized within the global fashion narrative.

Shavi Lewis Gown

Guest-curated by Kristen J. Owens, a historian of Black fashion, with Tracey “Africa” Norman serving as a curatorial advisor, the exhibition offers a comprehensive look at Newark’s fashion evolution. Norman, an international star of the runway and

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Sterling Heights resident Darla DeCook is the latest Sterling Heights Featured Artist. Her work is on display at the Sterling Heights Community Center.

 “Psychedelic Fire,” painted in acrylic on canvas, is an example of DeCook’s abstract works. DeCook said she took up fluid art and developed her own style.

“Psychedelic Fire,” painted in acrylic on canvas, is an example of DeCook’s abstract works. DeCook said she took up fluid art and developed her own style.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes


STERLING HEIGHTS — As an artist who loves vibrant color and abstract designs, Darla DeCook is going with the flow.

She is the latest Sterling Heights Featured Artist for March and April. During those months, her work — including her fluid art paintings — will be on display on the second level of the Sterling Heights Community Center, according to Sterling Heights Community Relations Services Specialist Sue Giallombardo.

DeCook, who lives in Sterling Heights, said she wanted to show a variety of different art styles at the Community Center, and she described how it feels to display a sampling of her dozens of finished paintings and artwork.

“I just never displayed it anywhere, and now l’m getting my chance,” she said.

DeCook said she grew up loving art and remembers taking art classes as a child.

“I never stopped creating,” she said. “I grew up in a very creative house. My mom designed clothes for drag queens and musicians when I was a kid.”

DeCook said she continued her creative pursuits as an adult by drawing, painting and doing performance art with Noir Leather in Royal Oak.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, she said she had more time to work on art, experiment and try something new: fluid art.

As a form of abstract art, the painting process while making fluid art often takes on a path of its own. While DeCook picks the colors, the applied paint is often allowed to spread

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Watermark Art Center

will host a reception for exhibiting artist Tosa Two Heart from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 2, at Watermark, 505 Bemidji Avenue N.

Two Heart’s exhibit, “Wobliheca – The energy to create,”

is currently on display through May 10 in Watermark’s Miikanan Gallery.

Two Heart will also teach a four-part workshop on the basics of fashion design for adults. The workshop will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturdays, March 9 to 30, via Zoom.

Beginning students will be introduced to garment design and approaches to creating a collection using online tools using their own digital devices. Personalized finished designs will be uploaded and applied to customized garments. In addition, attendees will learn tips and tricks of photoshoots, a release said.

The workshop is for ages 15 and up. The cost is $40 for the entire series and scholarships are available.

Prospective students are encouraged to attend the reception on March 2, the release said. The reception is free and open to the public.

To register for the workshop, visit

workshop/” data-cms-ai=”0″watermarkartcenter.org/product/fashion-art-workshop.

The deadline to register is Tuesday, March 5.

Two Heart is an Oglala Lakota textile artist. She composes futuristic digital designs intended to be printed on clothing with the wearer in mind. Her strong, colorful designs have been modeled in Native Max Magazine and the Hamiinat magazine.

Watermark galleries are free and open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, visit


or call


Our newsroom sometimes reports stories under the byline “Pioneer Staff Report.” This byline is used when reporters rewrite basic news briefs that originate from official sources, such as an email or press release that requires little or no reporting.

Other times, this byline is

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024


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PHOTO: Michael Rose




The worlds of fashion and the visual arts have always enjoyed a special connection. Crossovers between these two disciplines often produce exciting work and for emerging artist Andrea Pascual, the creation of wearable art is central to her practice. A hardworking creator whose hands are constantly at work crafting items for her brand Make Me Feel Better, Pascual is a young artist to know.


Pascual’s preferred medium is crochet and using a variety of hooks she crafts items like bags, sweaters, dresses, and more. She initially developed an interest in the practice during the pandemic and learned both from her sister as well as from teaching herself utilizing tutorials online. While her sister helped get Pascual interested in crochet, she also cites her mother as a key inspiration in the development of her practice, stating that her mom’s entrepreneurial acumen and skill in the clothing industry propelled her forward.


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PHOTO: Michael Rose


Raised in Massachusetts, Pascual relocated to Providence just a couple of years ago but has already immersed herself in the community. She regularly shows her work at the Providence Flea and was also selected for WaterFire Accelerate, a professional development program for artists under 30. Through her association with WaterFire, she created a series of two-dimensional fabric artworks that were featured in the organization’s Small Works Show in 2023.


When talking to Pascual about her work and her experience sharing it, it is clear that the personal connections she has developed with patrons are a key element of her practice. She has found success vending at the popular Providence Flea, making new contacts in the process. Asked

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The nationally acclaimed show, Denver Fashion Week, occurs twice a year in the fall and spring seasons. As Colorado’s most prominent fashion show, thousands of attendees show up each year to support Denver’s growing and diverse fashion community.

Photo credit: David Rossa at The Denver Art Museum

Forbes contributor, Stephan Rabimov, listed Denver Fashion Week as a leading fashion week in the United States.

Rabimov explained why investing in regional fashion weeks benefits communities and businesses.

“For a decade, regional fashion weeks have been gaining momentum. The trend has accelerated in recent years thanks to changing consumer priorities and post-pandemic focus on local initiatives. Moreover, the Internet has democratized access to fashion not only for buyers but for anyone interested in this business.”

Collaborating with the most prestigious fashion event in the region gives businesses access to DFW’s 4.4 million impressions. This is also a chance for brands in the Rocky Mountian area to get their brand in front of thousands of fashion, art and food enthusiasts.

Elevate your brand visibility and reach a diverse and engaged audience.

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Patti Sunio – The Philippine Star

February 16, 2024 | 12:00am

The fashion and art scene is abuzz and exciting. After last year’s three-month run at Greenbelt 5, PHx Station, the dynamic market of the most exciting Filipino contemporary fashion brands, culminates with a pop-up at the much-awaited Art Fair Philippines 2024.

This edition of PHx Station will feature apparel collections from Bagasáo, Idyllic Summers, Joyce Makitalo, Jude Macasinag, Kelvin Morales, Kill Joy Studios, Le Ngok, nicolò, Novel, and Randolf. PHx Station also presents a selection of jewelry by Joyce Makitalo and exclusive art pieces previously featured at Dover Street Market in Tokyo from 13 Lucky Monkey.

“It’s important to see the designers we feature — past, present and future — as an ongoing collaborative narrative of design, craftsmanship and fashion,” says Esme Palaganas, co-founder of the PHx Fashion Group.

PHx Station couldn’t have found a better final destination to close its 2023 season, as Art Fair Philippines, founded in 2013, is the prime space to showcase the best of the country’s modern and contemporary visual arts. The move likewise continues to underscore the PHx Fashion Group’s aim to provide a platform to help propel fledging labels to a global standard.

PHx Station’s presence in Art Fair Philippines results in an ongoing dialogue between art and fashion. “We believe that the brands featured in PHx Station exhibit deliberate intentionality in their work, each possessing a distinct language and voice to communicate with their customers and audience,” shares Joseph Bagasao, co-founder of the PHx Fashion Group. “This parallels the process of creating art.”

“Having space in Art Fair Philippines is an exciting project for us, as we share the same values of recognizing and providing a platform for genuine talent,” Bagasao adds.

* * *

PHx Station at Art Fair

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For those looking to preserve their memories in a genuinely remarkable way, a singular and captivating experience awaits them in the center of the captivating Dubai Desert. A unique experience, the Flying Dress Photoshoot in Dubai captures the beauty of the desert with the elegance of ethereal clothing, producing stunning and classic photos. Let’s explore the wonders of the Flying Dress Photoshoot Dubai in this blog, showcasing the event, and the amazing flying dresses that make this surreal concept a reality

The Website

At the forefront of this enchanting experience is the dedicated website that has the Flying Dress Shoot Dubai. Search through the site is akin to stepping into a interface of dreams, where your every click explores a world of possibilities. The website, Flying Dress Photoshoot Dubai not only showcases the amazing and beautiful collection of flying dresses but also provides very detailed information about their photo shoot packages, the location of Dubai desert, and the team behind the lens.

The Flying Dress

Artistic Masterpieces

  • The focused point of this beautiful desert photoshoot encounter is undeniably the beautiful flying dress, transcending traditional attire to become a true piece of art.
  • These dresses go beyond mere outfits, showcasing a combination of creativity and functionality, truly designed to defy gravity and evoke a sense of wonder.

Gravity-Defying Design

  • The beautiful flying dresses are not bound by conventional constraints; instead, they are carefully crafted to defy gravity, creating an awe-inspiring visuals.
  • The innovative and best design of each dress increases an element of enchantment, allowing wearers to experience the sensation of gracefully floating among the beautiful Dubai Desert.

Enhancing Beauty

  • Beyond their gravity-defying capabilities, undoubtedly, these Dubai flying dresses are tailored to enhance the natural beauty of
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  • Toyin Lawani is not taking a break in making her unusual designs as she created a dress with some fried chickens
  • She combined the edible food with a gold material whose colour blended, and she also used it for her crown
  • Her fans were not surprised at the outcome, as she has always been highly creative with her styles

Popular Nigerian fashion designer and the chief executive officer of Tiannah’s Place Empire, Toyin Lawani, has once again shown the stuff she is made of. This time, she designed a dress with pieces of fried chicken.

Toyin Lawani rocking her creative styles
Toyin Lawani is always creative with her dresses.
Image dress: @tiannahsplacempire/Instagram
Source: Twitter

The celebrity stylist used about 100 fried chickens to make the dress. The outfit was designed with gold embellishments and had a puffy hand. The fried chickens were attached to the sleeves and hem of the dress.

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She made a crown with the chicken bones, giving her a regal look. She also wore gold shoes, which complemented the colour of her attire. Her dress was accessorised with a gold wristwatch, bangles, and silver earrings.

Check out a video of Toyin making her creative dress below:

Fans react to Toyin’s chicken dress

Several fans of the fashion designer have reacted to her creative chicken dress. Check out some of the comments below:


“Mother hen.”


“Imagine wearing this to Ajegunle.”


“Tee mama what happened to all the chicken afterwards? Just curious.”


“If I was close to you eh, nah to chop that chicken before you even finish.”


“Where you not tempted?


“@tiannahsplacempire Mooma abeg send it, I will make a sweet stew, so it won’t go to waste.”

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In observance of Black History Month, Norman Public Library will host the 19th annual Crowns Tea this Sunday.

Inspired by “Crowns: Portraits of Women in Church Hats,” a book of photography by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry, Crowns Tea celebrates Black art, culture and expression. This year’s tea party will focus on fashion.

“We always encourage guests to dress up and wear a hat — put on their Sunday best, as it were,” said Loren Hinton, a librarian and one of the tea’s organizers. “Just come out and learn something perhaps new, or learn more about an aspect of African-American art and culture.”

As with any proper tea party, refreshments will be provided. The University of Oklahoma’s Black Creative Circle will perform choir songs, and a panel of stylists and tattoo artists will discuss fashion and body art as it relates to identity and culture.

After the panel, the Norman Public Library has partnered with Oklahoma Black Fashion Week to present a fashion show featuring the work of local designers. When the show is over, attendees can strut down the catwalk themselves and visit with the library’s photographer to get a portrait taken.

“When you go to church, you dress up, clean up, look as good as you can. And so that really was a place where a lot of Black families kind of showed out, you know, put their best foot forward,” Hinton said. “I think modern day, we don’t really have as many opportunities to do that.”

Hinton said that while the event recognizes how churchgoing provided a space for fashion and culture to develop, the event is secular and focuses on education rather than religion.

For those who grew up with church representing a community center, the event can create a sense of nostalgia; for those

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