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Unveiling Tactical Clothing’s Modern Makeover:

Tactical clothing has undergone a remarkable evolution in the 21st century, transforming from mere functional gear to a stylish statement. As we navigate this era of innovation and versatility, let’s explore the dynamic changes that have shaped and defined the tactical clothing landscape.

Breaking Ground with Cutting-Edge Fabrics:

In the quest for both durability and comfort, modern tactical clothing pioneers have turned to cutting-edge fabrics. The integration of advanced materials such as moisture-wicking blends and abrasion-resistant synthetics has elevated the functionality of tactical wear. These innovations not only withstand the rigors of challenging environments but also ensure wearers stay comfortable in any situation.

Smart Design: Merging Form and Function:

The days of sacrificing style for utility are long gone. Contemporary tactical clothing seamlessly blends form and function. Designers are now incorporating sleek lines and modern aesthetics without compromising the practical aspects crucial for tactical operations. This shift has given rise to a new breed of clothing that effortlessly transitions from the field to everyday urban life.

Versatility Redefined: From Mission to Main Street:

“Versatility is the cornerstone of 21st-century tactical clothing. The evolution has seen a departure from specialized, mission-specific gear to adaptable attire suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s concealed carry options, modular systems, or convertible features, tactical clothing has become a wardrobe staple for those valuing both preparedness and style.” Says Sean Frank, CEO of LA Police Gear

Rise of Eco-Friendly Tactical Apparel:

In tune with the global push towards sustainability, tactical clothing has embraced eco-friendly practices. Manufacturers are increasingly utilizing recycled materials and environmentally conscious production processes. This not only aligns with the growing demand for sustainable fashion but also reflects an industry-wide commitment to minimizing

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Arizona Costume Institute will host its annual holiday luncheon, a fashion fundraising event for the Phoenix Art Museum.

The event raises vital support for fashion-design exhibitions, education programs, and acquisitions at the museum. This year’s event will feature designer Jonathan Simkhai and will celebrate the philanthropic efforts and achievements of Honorary Chair Eileen Yeung.

The luncheon takes place at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 4 inside Cummings Great Hall at the Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave.

Tables of 10 for the luncheon are sold out. Individual tickets are available at https://phxart.org/special-events-series/aci-holidayluncheon2023/.

Yeung is a Phoenix native, a graduate of the University of Arizona, and a longtime supporter of the Phoenix Art Museum.

She served on the Phoenix Art Museum board of trustees from 1996 to 2011 and was also active in the museum’s Circles of Support program during that time period. From 2013–2018, she was a member of the museum’s Asian Arts Council, during which time she served as both president of the support group and co-chair of its gala.


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A sneak peak behind the scenes of a gruesomely glamorous fashion show.

SUPERIOR, Wis.–“We wanted to gather artists of all kinds and all facets and bring them together. And we thought bringing them all together would make for a really special, unique experience,” said Cherry Koch, a local artist.

A show of hauntings and scares awaits those who attend the Main Club in Superior this Friday night. 

June was Koch’s last fashion show and her team of models have had Halloween on their mind since.

“One of the most special things about Halloween is that you can transform into this whole new, amazing character. We’re really inspired by that and we want to take Halloween costumes to the next level and just show off some amazing DIY craftsmanship and celebrate all of the quirky local artists that we have here in town,” said Koch.

The fashion show looks to highlight local creatives. With music by the NVR TGTHR and Sadkin, who is celebrating a new album release.

“I think part of Sadkin always had an element of theater to it. And that presentation was key and integral to what we’re doing,” said Max Mileski, Singer and Guitarist from Sadkin. “I think our sound is art pop, I think it recalls music from former decades, whenever it was mid to late 70s, early to late 80s. But we are definitely tinkering with genres, alternative music genres, like new romantic, sophisti pop, and art pop.”

Between the dolls, artwork, and music; the stage is being set for a haunting, bizarre, and uniquely fashionable performance. All dressed up in time for Halloween at the Doll Haus.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and the runway struts at 9 p.m. Admission is only $15 and in addition there’s a visual art gallery with

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Underground artist, Chetta spearheads his own multi-art movement2C1A4489

Chetta, the underground force of creativity, is a true polymath. Music, fashion, film, or art—there’s no stopping his artistic outpour. Nearly a decade in the game, he’s dropped a whopping thirty-four projects and numerous music videos, earning millions of streams and a spot on sold-out tours, both domestic and overseas. Signed to G59 Records, Chetta navigates the industry’s challenges with a trusted cohort.

What sets Chetta apart is his all-encompassing approach. He’s the maestro behind his music—producing, recording, editing, and directing his own videos. Even his digital art, from album covers to social media content, is his creation. While this singular focus may isolate him at times, it also preserves the purity of his style. Collaboration isn’t off the table; Chetta remains open to learning from others while staying true to his immersive creativity.

Beyond music, Chetta dives into the business side of the industry, eager to unravel its intricacies for his gain. As his style matures, he plans to keep the creative fire burning, whether through music or other forms of art. For Chetta, creation is a full-time gig, inside or outside the music realm.

His fashion venture, STAFF WORKFORCE, born with his best friend, is a canvas for his talents. Seasonal releases and upcoming merch for his EP are on the horizon. SIN KREWE, a merchandise line, stands testament to Chetta’s solo creative prowess.

The future? An eclectic mix. While music remains a constant, Chetta dreams of directing a horror movie and showcasing his art in a gallery. This young visionary is unstoppable, with a boundless vision for his art.

Featured image: Chetta

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CONNEAUT — Artist Allison Tisdale Régnier will lead an art workshop, called Paint Your HeArt Out, at New Leaf United Methodist Church on Saturday, Oct. 28, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Régnier, a missionary artist from Nice, France, is spending six months in the U.S. pursing a variety of artistic and development opportunities, according to a press release from New Leaf.

No art skills are required, and participants will create three canvases with personal and symbolic meaning to them. “They will reflect on their lives, learn more about themselves and take stock of their faith journey,” the release states. “Paint Your HeArt Out is a powerful tool for processing strong emotions—from grief to gratitude.”

gnier has a batchelor’s degree in fine art and interior design from Texas Christian University, and studied the Old and New Testaments at Bodenseehof in Germany, according to the release.

Tickets for the event are $25, and can be purchased at the New Leaf office between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Painting will start at 9:30 a.m., and refreshments will be served between 9 and 9:30. Participants are encouraged to bring an apron or painting smock, and all other supplies will be included.

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MILWAUKEE — I am thrilled to celebrate this young fashion designer during Hispanic Heritage Month. I saw her work at the 2023 Mount Mary senior fashion showcase and was so impressed with her work.

Meet Nohemi’ Chavez Contreras, a recent graduate of Mount Mary, recipient of the Emerging Fashion Designer Award, and an Artist in Residency at Mitchell St. Arts Center. And, in my opinion, the “REAL DEAL!”

Although she only started in 2019, her eye for design and her craftsmanship far exceed her four years of work.

“When I think of myself, I don’t think that I fit into the box of a stereotypical Mexican designer. A lot of the time when you think of a Latin American designer, you think of really bold floral prints and colorful patterns, a lot of flounces and ruffles, which is great. It’s beautiful. But that is not me and who I am as a person or as a designer.” said Nohemi’.

Though she loved fashion, Nohemi’ says, “I didn’t know that I could actually make a career out of this. Without even realizing it, I just fell in love with it and now I think that this is what I’m supposed to be doing and this is part of my purpose.”

This talented designer is most definitely on purpose! She approaches her clothing with a boldness that is seldom seen outside of Haute Couture. With bold lines and figure-flattering silhouettes, Nohemi’ is more than deserving of her accolades.

In closing, she says, “A big part of my brand is to help others be true to themselves and stand in their prime unapologetically. To be proud of who they are and where they come from.”

Check out this Mount Mary Fashion spotlight on Nohemi’ on YouTube.

It’s about time to watch

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The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, posted updates on his Instagram profile about the construction of the statue dedicated to the singer Shakira.

It’s been 45 days since the start of the project, the politician showed a video which highlighted the progress made.

The statue, which is the work of the sculptor Yino Mrquez and a couple of his students from the school of visual arts, will be 6.20 meters high and will be made entirely of bronze.

How does the statue look today?

In the video published by Jaime Pumarejo, the master Yino Marquez detailed the progress of the construction. According to him, it is already 70% finished.

“We started with his dress and we are going to turn it into waves of the sea. Here we see a stripe that is going to become water”, explained the sculptor, who is also responsible for other statues of icons of the Colombian city, such as Joe Arroyo and Pibe Valderrama.

The work in honor of Shakira is inspired by the outfit worn by the singer in the video clip for the song Hip’s don’t lie. The pose was also taken from the same video.

“This recognizes an artist from Barranquilla, Colombia, who gave her place in the world to our culture,” Pumarejo added.

“But it is also an opportunity for Yino and the people who work with him, including students of the EDA, to show that artistic expressions like this can be made in Barranquilla.

“And here we are, in the neighborhood of La Paz, with young Barranquilleros sculpting a dream.”

Shakira already has a statue in her native Barranquilla

It is important to note that since 2006, a statue in honor of the singer-songwriter from Barranquilla has been located in the park next

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Skulls are everywhere in fashion. They are not just a Halloween costume or a punk rock accessory. As a timeless and universal symbol, they have been shaping fashion trends for centuries. Whether they are printed on a T-shirt, carved on a ring, or inked on a body, skulls have a way of expressing something about our beliefs, emotions, and identities.

But where did this fascination with skulls come from? How did they become such a staple of fashion? If you, too, are passionate about skulls, join us as we take a journey through the history of skulls in fashion, from their ancient origins to modern interpretations. The skull as a fashion element didn’t just magically appear in the 20th century. It has come a long way from its humble beginning rooted in superstitions, through a widespread motif in European art, to a modern-day emblem of rebellion.

Ancient Roots: Symbolism and Significance

Skulls have been part of fashion for a long time. In fact, some of the oldest civilizations in the world used skulls in their adornments and accessories. But they weren’t just ‘beautiful things’ performing the function of embellishment. On the contrary, they were incorporated into fashion as powerful symbols with a wide spectrum of meanings.

The ancient Egyptians were captivated by the skulls. They saw them as a representation of the link between life and death, as well as the divine power that governed both. They didn’t wear actual skulls, but they used skull imagery in their jewelry and decorative arts. The magnificent pieces crafted from gold and gemstones and intended for those clothed in authority, featured intricate designs and symbols primarily associated with deities. The skull, in particular, was closely linked to the god Osiris, who was killed and resurrected by his wife Isis. It was esteemed

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Women’s clothing from Nguyen Dynasty revived in chibi-style paintings hinh anh 1 Women’s Clothing from the Nguyen Dynasty, which consists of over 10 illustrations in chibi style, aims to shed more light on Vietnam costumes during the historical period. (Photo courtesy of Kris Nguyen)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – An art project featuring typical women’s costumes
during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) was created during the social distancing
period by Nguyen Quoc Tri, a.k.a Kris Nguyen, an illustrator in Binh Thanh
district in Ho Chi Minh City.

Women’s Clothing from the Nguyen Dynasty, which consists of over 10
illustrations in chibi style, aims to shed more light on Vietnam’s costumes
during the historical period.

“Many people think that the costumes of the Nguyen Dynasty were not diverse.
The most widely known clothing during this period is traditional five-flap
tunic with tight-fitting sleeves, the predecessor of the current ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long
dress),” Kris said.

“In fact, they were truly varied. Different regions in the nation had different
ways of dressing and variations on five-flap shirts.

“Therefore, I hope to offer another outlook and better understanding of the
costumes in this era via this project,” he added.

The 24-year-old illustrator explained that he has chosen chibi style to depict
the clothing in a simplified manner that enables the viewers to easily access
them without getting bored.

Women’s Clothing from the Nguyen Dynasty was completed within a
month. The first five illustrations featuring the special forms were finished
and introduced in the first two weeks and the rest done in the last week.

To ensure the accuracy of the costumes, Kris simplified the small parts of the
patterns and focused on depicting their styles. At the same time, he consulted
many reputable sources of information and specialists with thorough knowledge
of history.

The most difficult thing for Kris is changing the mindset of

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Gymnastics sensation Olivia Dunne, received a big response to her latest modelling endeavour, including from her sister.

The 20-year-old is entering her senior year at university and has hit the high-life regarding internet fame.

Dunne has amassed over four million followers on Instagram, leading to a plethora of endorsements as companies seek to cash in on her brand, the latest being Vuori Clothing.

The athlete, who specialises in artistic gymnastics, received almost 400,000 likes on her latest post and over 1413 comments from fans and her sister, who left a read-between-the-lines style message.

Julz Dunne, who is at LSU and has a substantial Instagram following herself, is the sister of Olivia and commented: “Photographer must’ve been like really cool, funny, pretty, talented…the list can go on but I mean idk I’m only assuming”.

With a little bit of deciphering, I think it can be guessed that Julz took the photos as her sister modelled the pink gym-wear of her latest sponsor.

Other comments included: “The most down to earth and sweetest girl ever”, “Pink is your color” and “”Didn’t know I followed Barbie.”

Dunne’s NCAA career

Olivia Dunne competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association for LSU, and made her debut in 2020.

In 2020-21, Dunne competed on the uneven bars in every regular-season meet and scored 9.875 on her debut against Arkansas.

Qualifying for the postseason, Dunne assisted a 9.9 score on uneven bars in the Southeastern Conference Championships, as LSU finished second as a team.

Although eliminated in the NCAA Championship semi-finals, Dunne scored 9.9 once again.

The following season, Dunne added the floor exercise to her arsenal, making five appearances alongside her regular uneven bars spot. On her floor debut, she scored 9.8.

LSU were eliminated in the SEC Championships and the NCAA Regionals

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