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Fashion writers work to decode one of the most complex forms of communication we have. Putting down their pens, a group of local writers reflect on their own wardrobes and consider what the future of the profession might look like.

Every day, as we pull clothing from wardrobes, drawers and

We wear pieces that tell others who we are, where we might be going or what we’re interested in. When we engage with other people, our impressions are formed, in part, through their outfits too.

Maybe you run into a friend wearing an oversized scrunchie? They might be feeling playful and a little nostalgic. Is a colleague donning a shoulder-padded blazer? Perhaps they’re prepping for a big morning meeting. You’ve picked a Canadian tuxedo for the office? It’s a cheeky rebellion against stale and serious dress codes.

The pieces we wear often engage in subtle storytelling. A garment, and its fabric, cut, colour and style, could reference so many different contexts; a historical period, pop cultural moment, political movement, niche subculture, mood, identity, hobby or brand. Of course, the meanings also vary across groups and contexts, picking up different associations based on those influences — making the language of fashion an even messier vocabulary to unpack.

Fashion writing, as experts and enthusiasts, often perform this tricky task. By drawing on rich knowledge, research and the social contexts that surround fashion and dress, they are able to convey the meanings that inform this complicated mode of communication. By breaking down the less obvious ‘whys’ behind runway shows, brand lookbooks, trends, historical archives and our own closets, fashion writers present readers with the tools to better understand

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