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From the moment her iconic voice could be heard singing a gentle ballad version of “Que Sera Sera” from off-stage the audience could feel that familiar warmth of authenticity fill the entire theatre.  A friend, an ally, a spiritual powerhouse of talent was about to enter. When the gorgeous 4’11” frame dressed in a navy blue sequin knee-length dress, and silver three-inch bejeweled platform heels walked into the spotlight she was greeted by thunderous applause. With every word she sang of the 1956 Doris Day hit it felt like a large invisible hand reached out and captured all 1,127 people in attendance; we gladly remained there for the duration of the evening.

Backed by a highly skilled six-piece band with the incomparable American Idol Musical director, arranger, and pianist Michael Orland at the helm. Keeping Orland on his toes each set with the variety of tunes she competently delivers; presenting him as her equal in this match of unparalleled ability. The other enviable musicians were Josh Bryant /Guitar. Eric Davis/Guitar. Justin Smith/Violin. Rich Mercurio/Drums. Brian Hamm/Bass. With her two outstanding backup singers Nikkie Kimbrough and, American Idol finalist favorite, Melinda Doolittle the band is complete.

Chenoweth presented a perfectly executed master class on how a concert show should be designed; with a patter that made the evening feel more like a cozy living room conversation. She seems to be talking to each audience member personally.  A skill she must have picked up from her charming upbringing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She mentioned that two of her mentors are Carol Burnett and Dolly Parton. All three ladies have that comfortably likable demeanor and stage presence.

Without giving away too many of the evening’s vocal surprises Kristin made you laugh one minute and then broke your heart the next.  She tossed

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