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Last night, England Lionesses goalkeeper Mary Earps was crowned 2023’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year – the first goalie in history to do so, and the second Lioness in a row following Beth Mead’s 2022 win.

Stepping onto the red carpet and having yet another major fashion-forward moment (lest we forget her Miscreants bow-clad mini at Vogue’s Forces for Change dinner), the 30-year-old wore a daring lingerie-inspired maxi dress from David Koma, featuring a lace corset-inspired bodice with a thong-esque strap across the hips, complete with a fitted black maxi skirt.

Mary’s Sports POTY recognition was a win for female football fans and fashion addicts alike, which in my case, is both.

As somebody who has always loved both football and fashion, I can truly say growing up I never saw a pathway to combining both industries: never did I imagine the women’s game being so publicly embraced, and never did I imagine being a fashion girlie who’d have the opportunity to discuss female footballers and fashion in the same breath. 

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Mary Earps wore a corset-inspired David Koma dress

The 2000s/2010s were turbulent years for the women’s game, particularly from a sartorial standpoint. For some context, in 2004 former FIFA president Sepp Blatter suggested women would get more viewership if they adopted a “more female aesthetic” by wearing “tighter shorts,” and it was only in 2019 that kits designed for women’s bodies were made by Nike and Adidas instead of men’s hand-me-downs – a whole 49 years after the FA’s 50-year ban on women playing football was lifted. Role models

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