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Preparing your closet for Lunar Chinese New Year shopping ahead? Then be sure to browse from these Malaysian homegrown fashion brands and stock up on essential pieces.

For the Chinese, no other time of the year is marked with as much fanfare and electric zeal as the weeks leading up to the Lunar New Year festivities. Typically occurring in late January or early February depending on the emergence of the new moon during this period, it denotes the beginning of the spring season according to the traditional Chinese lunarsolar calendar and spans 15 days in total.

Symbolically heralding a fresh beginning, the festival has even come to influence other similar New Year celebrations by neighbouring cultures, such as the Korean Seollal New Year and the Vietnamese Tết Nguyên Đán. Given its broad scope, the Lunar Chinese New Year customs practiced by the myriad of Chinese ethnic groups across the globe on its own can vary considerably. 

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With that said a few core tenets remain as common denominators, from red decorative motifs as a symbol of auspiciousness, to the fastidious cleaning of a family abode to sweep away misfortune in preparation for the incoming year’s good tidings. This is also a period during which demand for Chinese apparel reaches critical mass, with fashion’s trendsetters and arbiters of good taste flocking to scour for the latest and greatest of Lunar Chinese New Year collections in anticipation of the unrelenting house visitation schedules and innumerable family portraits that the season ushers.

From silk brocades to Chinese panko buttons and fastidious beadwork and embroidery details, these are the Malaysian fashion

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Still haven’t figured out what to wear to the family gatherings on Lunar New Year 2024? Here are the stunning Lunar New Year capsule collections to shop this Year of the Dragon.

Red is no longer the sole colour for Chinese New Year. This Year of the Dragon, designer brands present their elaborately crafted collections in a wide range of imaginative designs, whether with ancient Chinese jade or even Pokémon characters.

[Hero image credit: Prada; featured image credit: Fendi]

10 Lunar New Year Capsules That Honour the Year of the Dragon

Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon

Image credit: Fendi

Fendi’s Artistic Directors Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones work with Fragment’s Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Pokémon Company to present this youthful collection featuring the dragon Pokémon. The collection features the characters in a range of products, from the Baguette and Peekaboo bags to T-shirts and sweatshirts.

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Image credit: Gucci

An endearing take on Lunar Chinese New Year tradition fluffs up Gucci’s capsule range for this festive period, as the storied Italian label introduces an array of ready-to-wear pieces in dusty pastels, featuring a baby dragon print motif. Naturally, matching bags made of their GG Supreme Coated Canvas will also debut in tow, further emboldening Sabato Sarno’s creative verve as the new steward of Gucci.

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Bottega Veneta

Image credit: Bottega Veneta

Hong Kong-Taiwanese actress and Bottega Veneta brand ambassador Shu Qi stars in this Lunar New Year campaign. Apart from the piece she wears, a shoulder bag in calfskin leather, there are also the Orbit sneakers, the Sardine bag in red and white, the Andiano bag, high heels, and more.

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Image credit: Loewe

The Jade collection pays homage to the ancient Chinese jade sculpture in a range of designs. In Loewe China,

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