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As schoolchildren, we often sketched an idealized depiction of country life with square houses with thatched roofs surrounded by a rice field and several coconut trees. The sun was always shining or peeking behind perfectly placed mountains, and the family unit consisted of mom, dad and kids.

Photo shows (from left) Visions of Sereni3 artists Joel Janer, Eliezer Dimaculangan and Gabz Mendiola Jr.; Mother and Child by Gabz Mendiola Jr.; Silent Sanctuary by Eliezer Dimaculangan; Balik Tanaw (series 6) by Joel Janer

There’s a sense of that uncanny perfection in the oil paintings of three San Mateo-based artists featured in the ongoing ARTablado group exhibit at Robinsons Antipolo (upper ground floor, main mall).

Eliezer Dimaculangan, Gabz Mendiola and Joel Janer have been painting for years, participating in numerous group shows as well as having the spotlight trained on them in their respective solo shows.

Dimaculangan is a visual artist specializing in landscape paintings and is partial to a vibrant palette with a touch of the abstract. His paintings are a mix of the natural and the manmade—mountains, oceans and waterfalls, white doves and playful fish but also ancient stone archways, mossy stairs and glazed earthenware jugs.

Unlike Dimaculangan, Gabriel “Gabz” Mendiola prefers muted colors when he paints. A former ceramic artist and businessman, he returned to his first love, painting. Mendiola has since joined a number of group shows organized by the San Mateo Artists Guild where he got to meet art patrons and supporters.

His paintings share a distinct provincial vibe and often feature female protagonists: women washing clothes in a stream, and a couple of Madonna and Child paintings. Mendiola is open to experimenting as seen in the mother and child pieces where one pair is painted in a two-dimensional style while a second is more realistic and

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