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It was a more physical world, though we thought it quite advanced. There seemed nothing “terrestrial” about twisting a radio knob to some eccentric decimal point, dialling static into song. In the summer of 1985, we all knew someone, usually an older sibling, who owned a portable, cassette-playing stereo. The rest of us remained stuck catching Top Forty countdowns on AM radio, or playing, on our parents’ imperial turntables, the one or two LPs in our possession. Increasingly, we listened to music by watching it on TV, our dance parties often overseen by a strutting, tattered sprite who wore bangles like opera gloves and held the camera’s gaze with her entire being, as though locked in a dare she was not going to lose.

I liked her best in motion: the jut of her chin as she spun to a stop, the drag of her foot through a grapevine step. Something important seemed bound up in this vision, beaconlike but elusive, forever disappearing around a corner up ahead. I prized the “Like a Virgin” LP I received for my birthday, the adults involved having apparently thought little of giving the record to a Catholic girl who was, if anything, overfamiliar with talk of virgins and of being like at least one of them. In regular living-room sessions, I twirled and stretched before the hi-fi altar, arching toward God knew what, flashing on how doing my best Madonna might resemble discovering a radical style of my own, the curious fission of moving in time.

That year, I delivered the “Madonna: Why She’s Hot” issue of Time to my father with the same air of triumph that swirled about him an hour later, as he quoted its comparison of her voice to “Minnie Mouse on helium,” a line he liked so much

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A sneak peak behind the scenes of a gruesomely glamorous fashion show.

SUPERIOR, Wis.–“We wanted to gather artists of all kinds and all facets and bring them together. And we thought bringing them all together would make for a really special, unique experience,” said Cherry Koch, a local artist.

A show of hauntings and scares awaits those who attend the Main Club in Superior this Friday night. 

June was Koch’s last fashion show and her team of models have had Halloween on their mind since.

“One of the most special things about Halloween is that you can transform into this whole new, amazing character. We’re really inspired by that and we want to take Halloween costumes to the next level and just show off some amazing DIY craftsmanship and celebrate all of the quirky local artists that we have here in town,” said Koch.

The fashion show looks to highlight local creatives. With music by the NVR TGTHR and Sadkin, who is celebrating a new album release.

“I think part of Sadkin always had an element of theater to it. And that presentation was key and integral to what we’re doing,” said Max Mileski, Singer and Guitarist from Sadkin. “I think our sound is art pop, I think it recalls music from former decades, whenever it was mid to late 70s, early to late 80s. But we are definitely tinkering with genres, alternative music genres, like new romantic, sophisti pop, and art pop.”

Between the dolls, artwork, and music; the stage is being set for a haunting, bizarre, and uniquely fashionable performance. All dressed up in time for Halloween at the Doll Haus.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and the runway struts at 9 p.m. Admission is only $15 and in addition there’s a visual art gallery with

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Underground artist, Chetta spearheads his own multi-art movement2C1A4489

Chetta, the underground force of creativity, is a true polymath. Music, fashion, film, or art—there’s no stopping his artistic outpour. Nearly a decade in the game, he’s dropped a whopping thirty-four projects and numerous music videos, earning millions of streams and a spot on sold-out tours, both domestic and overseas. Signed to G59 Records, Chetta navigates the industry’s challenges with a trusted cohort.

What sets Chetta apart is his all-encompassing approach. He’s the maestro behind his music—producing, recording, editing, and directing his own videos. Even his digital art, from album covers to social media content, is his creation. While this singular focus may isolate him at times, it also preserves the purity of his style. Collaboration isn’t off the table; Chetta remains open to learning from others while staying true to his immersive creativity.

Beyond music, Chetta dives into the business side of the industry, eager to unravel its intricacies for his gain. As his style matures, he plans to keep the creative fire burning, whether through music or other forms of art. For Chetta, creation is a full-time gig, inside or outside the music realm.

His fashion venture, STAFF WORKFORCE, born with his best friend, is a canvas for his talents. Seasonal releases and upcoming merch for his EP are on the horizon. SIN KREWE, a merchandise line, stands testament to Chetta’s solo creative prowess.

The future? An eclectic mix. While music remains a constant, Chetta dreams of directing a horror movie and showcasing his art in a gallery. This young visionary is unstoppable, with a boundless vision for his art.

Featured image: Chetta

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“Sometimes it’s hard to convince publications to feature underground artists, so I decided to create my own zine,” photographer Richie Lee Davis says. Around LA, Davis is a known and loved force to be reckoned with — for his success as a photographer and stylist, and for his dedication as both a friend and fan of some of the city’s most prolific emerging acts. Whether he’s shooting, and styling, Ethel Cain for Interview Magazine or lounging in the green room with LA punk outfit the Paranoyds, Davis is supporting and engaging in an art form he is truly passionate about, and with the release of zineSabrina Zine, the “fanzine” of which he has published two volumes, he is taking that passion to the next level. 

“Creating Sabrina has been an amazing outlet for me as an artist because I am able to combine all the musicians I truly admire in one… My inspiration for the zine is all of the amazingly talented musicians in the underground LA/NY music scene, and a lot of them are independent. It really shows you that their vision is truly their own.”

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Entirely self-published, with a focus on underground musicians making their way in the LA and NYC scenes, though they herald from all over the world, Davis dove headfirst into an art form that has been a foundational element of each coastal city since punk music was born. And in keeping with the music fanzine’s ’70s and ’80s roots, the goal was to present each of the 13 musicians, which he shot in his studio in Los Angeles, in a timeless fashion. 

“The personal style they each carry is so inspiring to me because they come as they are

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Iamyungp: The Melodic Maven Crafting a New Era in Music and Fashion

Hailing from Maryland, Iamyungp is a budding artist with a passion for music that transcends his talent. With eight years of experience under his belt, Iamyungp is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry, and his hard work is paying off. He has worked with many different artists and producers, and his versatility as a musician is evident in the diverse array of musical styles he has explored.

Iamyungp is not just a musician, but also a successful entrepreneur. For the past seven years, he has been managing a clothing line called Stonaville, which has been doing well and adding to his growing list of accomplishments. This young artist has a drive for success and a work ethic that is second to none, making him an inspiration for up-and-coming musicians and entrepreneurs alike.

One of the key motivators for Iamyungp’s success is his mother, who is his biggest fan and the reason he works so hard. He is dedicated to giving her a better life, and his musical and entrepreneurial pursuits are a testament to his unwavering determination.

Iamyungp’s musical style is a unique blend of hip hop, R&B, and pop, and his sound is attracting fans from all over the world. His music is a reflection of his life experiences, and he infuses his tracks with meaningful lyrics and a strong sense of purpose. He is a rising star in the music industry, and his music is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages.

“My name is Iamyungp, I am an up & coming artist from Maryland. Music always been my passion, I love making music, I also have a clothing line called Stonavillellc been doing that for about like 7 years now & it is going pretty well.  I been doing music for

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