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Fashion has its unique way of preserving culture and heritage.

Clothes are more than just a mere item that is used to cover one’s body. It is a tool for self-expression. For designers, it is an avenue for their creativity as they turn inspiration into wearable art. Fashion also has its unique way of preserving culture and heritage. In the roster of the Philippines, we now have two National Artists in the Design Category, Ramon Valera and Salvacion Lim Higgins, proving designers too are artists in their own rights. As we are now at the peak of the resurgence of Filipino traditional garments, these treasured clothing are now seen not just in formal events but also on display in various exhibitions. Below are some of the fashion exhibits celebrating local styles and the new and OG designers that continue to keep them alive.

Photo ng Makati Kultura/Facebook

‘Kasuotang Filipino: Mga Likha ni Patis Tesoro’

Apart from being honored at the upcoming Artefino Festival 2023, Filipino fashion designer Patis Tesoro and her works are being celebrated at the Museo ng Makati. Over two dozen of the Grand Dame of Filipino Fashion are available for viewing at the exhibit, dubbed “Kasuotang Filipino: Mga Likha ni Patis Tesoro.” Apart from her designs, also curated in the exhibit are indigenous ensembles and local tapestries. The exhibit, in partnership with Filipino HeritageFestival Inc, runs until the end of September. Museo ng Makati is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance is free.

Photo from Ram Silva/Instagram

Festival Walk Parade

Illongo designer Ram Silva is known for creating show-stopping looks that graced the international pageant scene. This time, his designs are on display at the Festival Walk Parade in Iloilo City where style enthusiasts can see his masterworks up close. Some of

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