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Back in 2015, when Swedish photographer Malin Fezehai won a World Press Photo prize for her image of two Eritrean refugees at their wedding in Israel, it was the first time a winning submission had been realized with an iPhone.

On Friday, Fezehai was one of five international artists given a Paris exhibition for work realized with an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has the equivalent of seven lenses.

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“You have the iPhone, but then you have the artist, and every artist offers up his or her or their own imprints in terms of the images that they’re creating,” says Isolde Brielmaier, deputy director of the New Museum in New York, who served as curatorial adviser on “I Remember You,” a two-day display open to the public on Thursday and Friday.

Fezehai, Karl Hab, Vivien Liu, Mika Ninagawa and Stefan Ruiz were all asked to interpret the themes of memory, nostalgia and what it means to capture a moment.

The resulting work ranges from lively streetscapes and otherworldly floral compositions to the kind of staged, cinematic scenes pioneered by Cindy Sherman.

Photo by Vivien Liu.

Photo by Vivien Liu.

Brielmaier made headlines in 2021 when she conceptualized and curated an exhibition at the International Center for Photography in New York dedicated to works produced on iPhones.

In her view, the iPhone camera offers different kinds of capabilities, which increase with each iteration of the iPhone.

“But at the end of the day, you still have the imprint of the photographer,” she says in an interview. “The photographer is deciding, ‘Is this a close-up? Am I pulling back? What am I cropping? How am I composing the image?’ That’s individual, and there’s some intentionality.”

Once the photo is taken, a plethora of post-production tools are at the user’s disposal to pump

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