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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been five years (!!!) since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle back in 208. A lot has changed since then – to say the least – but one thing that will never get old about the star-studded event is Meghan’s truly glorious wedding dress.

Classic and minimal yet truly show-stopping, Meghan’s long-sleeved, boat-neck Givenchy gown has lived in our minds rent-free ever since it first appeared on the chapel steps – but a new interview with the dress’ designer has got us obsessed all over again.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Claire Waight Keller, who was the first-ever female artistic director of Givenchy and the brains behind the dress, has revealed a previously unknown detail about the design that has made us love it EVEN more.

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Apparently, the Duchess put a “creative twist” on the traditional “something blue”, taking a small piece of fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Prince Harry and incorporating it into her bridal design. “We basically sewed it into the hem of the wedding dress, so she was the only one that knew that it was there. It was a little blue gingham check,” Waight Keller explains. “It was the perfect personal memento that was secretly hidden inside the dress.” Sweet!

Waight Keller also discussed the details of Meghan’s extraordinary 16.5-foot silk tulle veil, which supposedly entailed 3,900 hours of design and was hand-embroidered with flowers from all 53 Commonwealth countries – as well as featuring an homage to her home state of California, and

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“[She] felt like she was bringing an element of each of those countries down the aisle with her. So that her new role—and that bridge to the new role—was captured in what she was wearing,” Waight Keller says. “For both of us, we felt it was a really beautiful signature, and I think even Prince Harry was just thrilled at the idea that we really tried to capture something for everyone in that service.”

To symbolize love and charity, crops of wheat were intricately blended into the floral motif at the front of the veil, which was secured with Queen Mary’s diamond and platinum bandeau tiara. The Givenchy atelier workers in Paris sewed for hundreds of hours and washed their hands every 30 minutes to ensure that the threads and tulle remained immaculate.

The groom’s father, a staunch supporter of British hand-craftsmanship and artisan traditions, was also moved by the gesture. “King Charles was just in awe of the dress and the [veil] embroidery, and he asked me about it while we were waiting inside the nave,” Waight Keller says. “He was really very interested, actually, in all the different motifs and the floral representations.”

Celebrating Prince Harry With “Something Blue”

The duchess put a creative twist on her serendipitous “something blue.” After dismissing “a garter or something like that,” Waight Keller explains, Markle snipped a piece of fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Prince Harry.

“We basically sewed it into the hem of the wedding dress, so she was the only one that knew that it was there. It was a little blue gingham check,” Waight Keller says, dropping a significant clue about the Sussexes’ origin story—and for social media sleuths to scour the Wayback Machine. “It was the perfect personal memento that was

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