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When Matthew Adams graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 2010, he didn’t expect to end up working at Disney. He’s the manager of exhibitions for the Walt Disney Archives. They create touring exhibits with objects from the archives and he said he’s excited to bring a new show to Birmingham.

“It’s kind of a cool, full circle moment for me,” he said.

The Birmingham Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Heroes and Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume, consists of 70 original costumes from live-action Disney films, offering the Birmingham community a peek behind the curtain to see the costumes’ artistry up close.

A closer look

A dress from 2015’s Tomorrowland (Kelsey Shelton/WBHM)

In this exhibit, there are only a few glass barricades separating viewers from the costumes. Becky Cline, the director of the Walt Disney Archives, said they wanted people to get as close to the costumes as possible.

“In this gallery, you can walk up close and you can really look at the type of fabric. You can look at the detail, the stitching, the embroidery, all the little details that you don’t really get to see on TV,” Cline said.

Her favorite costume – a 1950’s style dress worn by a robot girl – is from 2015’s Tomorrowland. 

Designers created the dress’s fabric specifically for the costume. Its pattern looks like spirals from afar, but up close, the lines become mathematical formulas. 

“That’s the kind of thing that makes this costume design so special that you wouldn’t actually pick up on that on screen. But the actress wearing it would see it and understand, and it would help her get into character,” Cline said.

A close-up of the dress from 2015’s Tomorrowland (Kelsey Shelton/WBHM)

Besides giving viewers the opportunity to examine costumes that appear to be simple, the

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downtown Orlando at night

downtown Orlando at night – Ajax9/Shutterstock

When you think of Florida’s charm, images of tranquil waters, mesmerizing sunsets, and graceful palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze often come to mind. Nestled in the heart of central Florida, Orlando may seem like a far cry from the picturesque coastal landscapes that dot other parts of the state. However, this vibrant city offers its own unique brand of beauty.

Instead of vast sandy beaches, Orlando’s skyline is adorned with rooftop views that stretch across the horizon, dazzling fireworks that light up the night, and those ever-present sunsets framed perfectly by the silhouettes of whispering palm trees. And while dining in Orlando, one doesn’t merely savor the flavors on the plate but also the panoramic views accompanying each meal. Though the city and its surrounding neighborhoods are full of eateries boasting magnificent vistas, each of our favorites offers an exceptional dining experience, each offering its own distinct perspective on Orlando’s charm.

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California Grill

California Grill view

California Grill view – Facebook

Once named the Top of the World Restaurant, the now-renowned California Grill opened its doors on the same day as Walt Disney World: October 1, 1971. The expansive dining hall showcases an open-kitchen concept, featuring grand pizza ovens that are as fun as obviously useful. Every corner of the restaurant affords a breathtaking view of the Magic Kingdom and its surrounding area. Even if your table isn’t directly beside a window, the panorama remains awe-inspiring. In the tradition of Disney’s signature dining experiences, the California Grill strikes a perfect balance: It exudes sophistication while warmly welcoming families, ensuring even the littlest guests have a memorable meal.

As night falls and the time for fireworks approaches, diners can return, receipt in hand, for a magical experience.

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This multi-year effort has involved Disney’s Restoration and Preservation team, with input from Michael Giaimo (Pocahontas, Frozen and the upcoming film Wish) and hand-drawn animator and director Eric Goldberg to maintain the original artistic choices of the filmmakers.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com on Zoom, Goldberg is wearing one of his many Mickey Mouse shirts, made for him by his wife. This one features loads of little black-and-white images of the iconic mouse’s face.

He’s had a love of animation since he was young, watching Disney cartoons on The Mickey Mouse Club, and he started making his own flipbooks when he was six, where “no memo pad in the house was safe” until he began creating films with his Super 8 camera.

Goldberg first joined Walt Disney Animation Studio as supervising animator of the Genie in 1992’s Aladdin, in addition to directing Pocahontas and key segments in Fantasia 2000. He also animated Mini Maui in Moana, Louis in The Princess and the Frog and Phil in Hercules.

He tells us that the restoration process for Cinderella has largely been about colour.

A before and after comparison of the Cinderella restoration.

A before and after comparison of the Cinderella restoration. Disney

“Since Michael and I are old geezers, we remember what these films looked like in a movie theatre. There’s not many people who can still say that. We wanted to get it back to what we know are the right colours.

“Sometimes changes were made at the whim of other branches in the company, or someone decided to push the saturation knob all the way up. The film has been through so many different iterations for VHS, DVD and Blu-ray.

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“Consumer products wanted to push Cinderella more towards being a yellow-haired blonde with a blue dress. She’s not – she has dirty blonde hair, she always did, and

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