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Paintings by star artist Ambera Wellmann conquered the catwalk this past weekend. Her rich, uncanny compositions appeared on four looks in Thierry Mugler’s knockout Fall/Winter 2024 presentation at Paris Fashion Week. Creative director Casey Cadwallader’s latest collection imbues the house’s celebrated strong silhouettes with unprecedented dimension, texture, and—thanks to Wellmann—color and pattern.

Wellmann’s sensual “painterly catachresis” (catachresis is defined as the incorrect use of a word) complements Mugler’s dark allure. As legendary muses like Natasha Poly and Joan Smalls stormed the dark and chilly school gymnasium where the show took place, Dutch model Yasmin Wijnaldum headed down the runway in a strapless dress printed with the unmistakable apples of Wellmann’s painting To a Girl in a Garden (2023).

Yasmin Wijnaldum walking the Mugler Fall/Winter 2024 runway. Photo: Daniele Oberrauch / Gorunway.com.

Ahead of her 2021 Art Basel Miami Beach booth with Company, Wellmann told Coco Romack that she grew up without plumbing in a “dreary log cabin in the middle of the woods” in Novia Scotia, Canada. She liked art as a kid, but her primary school cut its art programs. The fledgling talent moved to Halifax in her early twenties to manage a record store, and began her BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design soon after. “I was meeting other kids who were misfits like me for the first time,” she recounted.

While earning an MFA at Ontario’s University of Guelph, she won a prize that allowed her to live for a year in Europe. She chose Berlin for its proximity to the porcelain capital of Meissen. Wellmann moved to Mexico City next, and shed her floral motifs for a taut balance of dark and light evoking El Greco and Francisco Goya. She anchored the New Museum’s 2021 Triennial and made more headlines earlier this

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