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Some small mishaps could be ruining your entire outfit.Shutterstock

  • Business Insider spoke to stylists about common fashion mistakes people make when they get dressed.

  • One expert said tucking sweaters in all the way around can make your outfit seem bulky and lumpy.

  • Skipping accessories and jewelry can make your look seem plain, according to one stylist.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to unwittingly sabotage your outfit with a single fashion misstep.

But there are also plenty of easy ways you can level up your style game while avoiding wardrobe faux pas.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when getting dressed and how to avoid them, according to stylists.

Rolling your sleeves instead of folding them can make your overall look appear sloppy.

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Rolled sleeves can look bulky.Getty/Royalty-Free

TV fashion stylist Dawn Del Russo told Business Insider that rolling isn’t actually the best way to adjust your sleeves.

“Don’t roll your sleeves — fold them. The best rolled-sleeve look is attained when you unbutton the cuff and fold it up two cuff lengths. Then fold the bottom up halfway and fold the cuff over that,” said Del Russo.

Try to remove wrinkles or scuffs before wearing something.

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Removing wrinkles can be pretty easy.Shutterstock

“If you can’t steam it, buff it, or cover it, don’t wear it. Details differentiate the good from the great,” Nicole Russo, a New York-based personal stylist, told BI.

Tucking your sweater or blouse all the way around might make your look appear chunky.

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There’s a right way and wrong way to tuck, according to stylists.Shutterstock

Tucking in your top can be a shortcut to looking polished, but there’s a catch.

“Most people will tuck a top in all around, which creates bulk in weird places. For sweaters, use a skinny

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