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Tom Ackerley and his production company LuckyChap — which he runs alongside wife Margot Robbie — aren’t new to the awards conversation. Their 2020 feature Promising Young Woman won an Oscar for best screenplay, their Netflix series Maid was nominated for three Emmys and their debut production I, Tonya nabbed star Allison Janney an Oscar for best performance in a supporting role. Yet Ackerley is adamant that he never considered Barbie‘s potential for critical success when they began work on the film over four years ago.

“I don’t think we ever go into a movie thinking about its acclaim or awards,” Ackerley tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But I do think that seeing the way the humanity of the story really connected with people — that started shifting our idea of what the movie could be. I think a large part of what made it an ‘awards movie’ was how meaningful it was for viewers.”

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Ackerley called THR during the middle of a whirlwind promotional schedule to discuss what he’s learned during his 10 years as a producer, what he remembers most from the making of Barbie and, of course, to make (yet another) comment on a potential sequel.

How did the early pitching process, especially in regards to Mattel, feel different than past projects?

Mattel was our first meeting, even before taking it to Warner Brothers. We went into the meeting really interested in the property but not really knowing what we would do with it or how we would crack it. If I remember correctly, we were either in production or post-production on Promising Young Woman, and we were going to start going into production on Maid, the TV show we did with Netflix. A big part of

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