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The 20-something corporate goth just clocked in, and they’re wearing an all-black work uniform of sheer tights, chunky heels, spikes, and chains. It’s a subdued version of the spooky, post-punk-inspired goth subculture meant to be palatable for the office. But while young goths celebrate being able to bring their dark, creative expression to work, critics debate whether the “corporate goth” trend is work-appropriate at all.

Take Chloe Hurst, a 29-year-old senior graphic designer at a marketing agency who also runs her own design business, called Contempo Mint. Hurst characterizes her personal style as alternative and edgy; in recent work outfit inspiration videos on TikTok, she models wide-leg pants, off-the shoulder blouses, and chunky rhinestone platform boots. She tags the ensembles #corporategoth, a hashtag that has over 26 million views, in order to help the next-generation goths who are going through the same experience she did.


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Hurst says she spent a decade figuring out her style, which now earns her the moniker “Goth Barbie” on social media. But it wasn’t easy. When she first entered the workforce, she said she tried fitting into the cookie-cutter mold of women’s corporate fashion—pencil skirts, colorful blouses, and blazers—but she didn’t feel like herself.

“It really messed with me because I’ve always been an alternative person,” Hurst told Fortune. “As I got older, I thought, ‘I’ve got to try and find a way to bring my style in because I’m feeling so icky about myself. I need to have some of me come out.’”

Hurst is in a cohort of young workers who, after two years of working in pajamas from the couch, are overturning the definition of “professional attire” as they return to the office in droves. And

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