TASCHEN’s Marc Newson Book Chronicles 40 Years of His Work

Marc Newson’s artistic practice is boundless, from jewelry to sculpture to furniture. Looking back on 40 years of the visionary’s career, from 1984 to the present, TASCHEN is publishing an encyclopedia of all of Newson’s work.

The Australian designer, who works and lives in the UK, is regarded as one of the most influential names in product and industrial design. He also happens to be the only designer repped by Gagosian.

“This volume covering Marc Newson’s design career can, if you are ambitious enough, read like
a catalog of how to live,” the book’s description reads. “Imagine waking up in the morning, taking a bath, drying your hair, getting dressed, putting on your glasses, spritzing yourself with perfume, sitting down to eat a breakfast of tea with eggs and toast, checking your watch, packing your suitcase, driving to the airport, catching a flight, and sailing off on a luxurious yacht.”

The underlying theme is that every object one interacts with could ostensibly be a Newson work: the bathtub, the skillet, the perfume bottle – the list goes on.

Entitled Marc Newson. Works 84-24, the book breaks down Newson’s work by categories: Objects, Furniture, Interiors, Transport and Jewelry and Timepieces. Each category is then organized chronologically and features a description detailing the story behind the piece, including quotes from Newson himself.

Alison Castle authored and edited the book, which Newson himself describes as “the real definitive catalog of [his] body of work.”

TASCHEN’S marcnewson-works-84-24/”>Marc Newson. Works 84-24 is priced at $200 USD and will be released in June.

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