The story of Louis Vuitton’s new GO-14 Bag

The new Louis Vuitton GO -14 bag combines three things that are vital to one another: a designer’s inspiration, a trunkmaker’s thriving heritage, and an artisan’s ingenuity, presented with the house’s magnificent savoir-faire.

Meet the GO-14 bag, the symbol of timeless creativity passionately created by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière. The bag originally appeared on the designer’s first runway show for women’s collection in October 2014, hence the name – Ghesquière October 2014. Nine years on, the bag re-emerges to meet today’s aesthetic with its distinctive design and details crafted by the house’s skilful artisans. Of particular note is the crisscross pattern that instantly steals a glance.

Named the malletage, Ghesquière revives its inspiration from the interior of Louis Vuitton’s trunks, purposely designed to keep documents in place. Despite imagining its practical function, he rediscovered the pattern as the bag’s striking yet discerning feature. “There are some universal codes that exist solely in Louis Vuitton. It was about reappropriating and transposing them into a new setting,” says the designer on his unparalleled discovery.

As a testament to the house’s trunk-making heritage, the malletage poses a challenge for all the artisans in the atelier. The creative process itself requires more than 20 different steps, particularly to get the perfect and subtle gradations on the patina. The steps also ensure it can get a satin or toasted finish near the stitching. Adding more attention to detail to the bag is the high technique the artisans put through for depositing the 17-metre-long trim for the rounded malletage, making the process a true epitome of the maison’s complex savoir-faire.

The newly reimagined GO-14 bag also boasts its cushiony and curvy look using the soft lambskin. And like its original idea, the pattern is padded and overstitched to highlight the bag’s surface. Additionally, the signature LV buckle becomes the centrepiece and infuses unique detailing on the front.

As for versatility, the bag offers two styles: one with the top handle and one without. Both feature a jewel-like gold chain to wear over the shoulder or crossbody. The brand new groove system reminiscing of two commas shape allows the chain to overlap, so it can also be worn on the arm or handheld. For more variety, the GO-14 bag is available in an array of sizes and shades, from the starkest black and white to the diluted, nuanced, toasted shade of brown and dark purple, thus referring to the complexity of the colouring process.

This celebrated bag exudes sophistication and timelessness through its appearance. This factor makes the GO-14 an easy go-to option for all types of women for work and specific occasions. Cast your mind and imagine wearing the bag with a matching suit to showcase power dressing or denim trousers for a casual look, allowing the bag to mould with every personality and spark its charm. No wonder the GO-14 has become a favourite among celebrities.

To name one of many is the house’s global ambassador and actress, Emma Stone, who appeared in the GO-14’s campaign recently. Stone, who possesses the same uniqueness as the bag, was seen wearing the black GO-14 while sporting Louis Vuitton’s latest collection. Aside from Stone, other notable names that join in the bag’s hype are Cate Blanchett, South Korean actress and model Jung Ho-yeon, Chloë Grace Moretz, and many more.

With all its hallmarks, the GO-14 bag will continue its legacy throughout the season and beyond. Moreover, the GO-14 bag is not merely just a bag. It’s the house’s symphony that harmoniously blends the heritage, skill, and the creator’s ingenuity, making the bag one of the true emblems of Louis Vuitton’s exceptional craftsmanship


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