What’s the trending ‘bimbo vampire’ aesthetic all about?

What do Elvira, Rose McGowan in the ’90s, Monica Bellucci in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Angelina Jolie at the 2000 Academy Awards and John Galliano-era Dior all have in common? Knowingly or not, they subscribe to the “bimbo vampire” aesthetic.

In late August, Canadian beauty writer Hannah E. Johnson (@hannahejo) coined the aesthetic that fully embraces and lends itself to witchy women, goth-inspired clothing and a glossy blood-red lip.

To accurately emulate a bimbo vampire, you must have “long, clawlike fingernails” that are painted in a blood red hue of their choice, though Johnson recommends “Rouge Noir” from Chanel, formerly known as “Vamp.” Should this color not be at your disposal, J. Hannah‘s “Eames” or “Blue Nudes” would alternatively give the effect of a bruised, “freshly bitten” (by a vampire) neck, according to Johnson.

As far as lip color goes, the Ontario-based creator recommends Ellis Faas‘s “Ellis Red,” a color that was allegedly designed to replicate “the shade of human blood.” Metallic, shiny eye looks and perfumes like Poets of Berlin by Vilhelm Parfumerie, La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens and Pure Poison by Dior are also synonymous with the allure and scent of the bimbo vampire woman, she adds.

“Okay absolutely yes, and I have genuinely been looking for an ACTUAL blood red lipstick forever, thank you,” @cazza_amore wrote in response to Johnson’s initial video about the now trending aesthetic.

“You did not need unlock a side of me I was yet to unearth! This has been my vibe for years and now I know what to tell ppl,” @kris.xo.7 replied.

“Love this!!! I’ve been wearing black and a blood lip since september started!” @mushroomkat declared.

As of reporting, the hashtag #bimbovampire has more than 865,600 views on TikTok. The trend has even made its way onto Filipino American Grammy winner Olivia Rodrigo‘s radar. The Guts singer-songwriter used Johnson’s audio in a TikTok showing off her custom Swarovski-crystal dress by Ludovic de Saint Sernin for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12.

Julia Fox is like the modern-day queen of bimbo vampire,” Johnson adds in a separate video from Aug. 23. “And I mean that with utmost respect.”

On Sept. 3, Johnson took to TikTok to demonstrate how she achieves the quintessential bimbo vampire look. She does, however, include a disclaimer that this is the “quick version” and there is the option of packing on shadow textures as well as a darker shade of lip liner for added intensity.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until Gen Z creators took to social media to show their own re-creations of Johnson’s witchy, fall-inspired aesthetic.

“I think with my beauty content and writing I always try to have a sense of humour and keep things a little bit cheeky. Every fall there’s a focus on that ‘vampy’/’soft goth’ look but I wanted to play it up, add a little camp factor and some glitter (never enough glitter),” Johnson told In The Know by Yahoo via email about her inspiration for the trend. “I think it resonated with people so much because we’re always desperate for fun!”

The bimbo vampire, according to Johnson, is someone who unapologetically leans into the spookiness of it all.

“It’s a trend that’s for everyone, and so the Bimbo Vampire can truly find inspiration anywhere, whether it’s seeking out the perfect blood red lip or long, claw-like nails, it’s a chance for everyone to tap into their spooky side,” she added.

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