When it comes to color, getting the right mix is key | News

If you don’t mix your colors properly, your painting won’t look right, says Toni Stanford, Vice President of the Henderson County Art Club.

Stanford was the guest speaker at the Club’s April meeting at the East Texas Arboretum on Tuesday, giving a talk on the importance of color mixing when you paint.

“The most important thing to know is that if you’re going to paint something dark, then use dark colors; and if you’re going to paint something light, then use light colors,” Stanford said. “It sounds intuitive, but people don’t always do this.”

One trick Stanford shared with the group is that if you’re painting from a photo or using a photo reference such as an advertisement or a page from a calendar, be sure and wrap the image in clear plastic or laminate it.

“If you put the plastic over your photo reference, then you can match the colors for your painting by placing a sample on it; later you can just wipe it off when you’re done,” she explained. “And if you get it wrong, then you can adjust it until you get it right,” she said.

Other nuggets Stanford shared were the following:

• Always reduce the glare when you are painting by wearing black clothes.

• Your lighting affects how you see colors.

• A glass cutting board makes an excellent palette for mixing paints.

• Baby wipes are ideal for removing paint from your plastic covered photo reference.

• Red and Yellow are very transparent colors.

Lastly, if you know how to mix paint, then you can make any color, Stanford said.

“You also won’t need to buy as many expensive tubes of paint in different colors,” she explained.

In other business, the Club selected and approved new officers for the following year:

Laura Brewner, President; Toni Stanford, Vice President; Wilma Sheltman, Treasurer; and Amelia Abney, Secretary.

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