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It’s not a common sight.

A priceless painting from Pablo Picasso, one the greatest artists of all time, right here in the Maritimes.

‘Lamp and Cherries’ from Picasso’s abstract period is currently on display at Resurgo Place as part of the Moncton Museum’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Lawren Campbell, the museum’s culture and heritage coordinator, said it’s pretty neat coup to have the work of art here.

But it’s not the first time.

Campbell said ‘Lamp and Cherries’ was part of a travelling exhibit in 1973 and now it’s back, on loan from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The Picasso has it’s own room to create an ambience and there’s no doubt the post Second World War painting is being properly taken care of.

“We’re a museum, so we do have security,” said Campbell. “There’s cameras. There’s proximity detectors, so if you get too close to it an alarm will go off. An audible alarm that you can pretty much hear throughout the building.”

It’s also encased in high quality glass to protect it from vandalism and UV light.

“Some of the best glass that I’ve ever seen, on this painting. A lot of people have come and gone and thought, ‘Well that’s odd that it has no glass,’ it actually has glass. It’s just very, very good quality glass,” said Campbell. “I really have to try and find a reflection on that glass. You can see every paint stroke, every detail. It’s pretty incredible.”

A wonderful sight for art lovers and for those who stumbled upon greatness like Serge Levesque who was visiting Moncton from Toronto.

“I think it’s cool. I didn’t expect that when I came here,” said Levesque. “When somebody told me

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PARIS, Sept 9 — Marc Bohan, a fashion visionary and the longest-serving designer at Dior, has died at 97, the French luxury fashion house said.

“Dior is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Marc Bohan, an immense and influential visionary who was Creative Director of our House for nearly three decades,” Dior said in a late yesterday statement on social network X.

“His originality and modernity have never ceased to inspire. Our thoughts are with his family and friends,”

Bohan, who died on September 6, began working for Christian Dior in 1957, creating collections in London.


He became the house’s third artistic director in 1961, when he was asked to lead the French label after his predecessor Yves Saint Laurent was drafted into the French military.

He went on to oversee the brand as artistic director for nearly three decades until 1989, developing a reputation for creating stylish, feminine clothes for a wealthy clientele that included Princess Grace of Monaco, movie stars Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor and opera diva Maria Callas. — Reuters

French designer for Christian Dior Marc Bohan (C) poses with models in front of the golden thimble he was awarded for his Fall-Winter high fashion collection, on July 28, 1988 at Galliera Museum, in Paris. — AFP pic

French designer for Christian Dior Marc Bohan (C) poses with models in front of the golden thimble he was awarded for his Fall-Winter high fashion collection, on July 28, 1988 at Galliera Museum, in Paris. — AFP pic


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In Nigeria, dance is viewed by a larger part of the population as entertainment. It is alright to dance for merriment purpose but never as a profession, because dance is not considered a lucrative means of income. Dancers are magical beings that materialize, to perform for our amusement, but are without background, and not something to aspire to.

Dance 4 Impact proved those perceptions wrong, as it did not only empower over 100 youths with creative skills for employability, but provided social and healthcare benefits to residents of five communities in the FCT, whilst creating inclusive performances that cater to persons with disabilities.

Inclusive Dance performance of the deaf and hearing at Dance for inclusion with Abuja Society of the deaf and Ability plus initiative led by Bravehearts Company

Initiated by founder, director and choreographer at Krump Studios, Jemimah Angulu, the Dance 4 Impact project funded by the United States Mission in Nigeria, in collaboration with the Battery Dance Company, New York, trained 101 dancers of all levels, from five Abuja-based artistic companies, via the latter’s Dancing To Connect workshop, to undertake outreach projects in five FCT communities, namely Wumba, Saburi, Garki Village, Mpape and the Abuja Association of the Deaf.

The artistic groups and their area of implementation include: Capital Dancers and EhmikhidArtFoundation (Mpape Community), Heart Heartists (Saburi Community), Tru Dance Art (Garki Village), Bravehearts Academy (Abuja Association of the Deaf) and The Krump Studios (Wumba Community) whose core teams of 20 (per group) were provided creative and soft skills requisite to boosting their communication skills, self-esteem and employability.

This first phase of the project held July 10 to 14, culminated in five major performances by each group which premiered at the National Universities Commission (NUC) auditorium on July 15.

Participants performing A contemporary Ballet piece for the audience
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Underground artist, Chetta spearheads his own multi-art movement2C1A4489

Chetta, the underground force of creativity, is a true polymath. Music, fashion, film, or art—there’s no stopping his artistic outpour. Nearly a decade in the game, he’s dropped a whopping thirty-four projects and numerous music videos, earning millions of streams and a spot on sold-out tours, both domestic and overseas. Signed to G59 Records, Chetta navigates the industry’s challenges with a trusted cohort.

What sets Chetta apart is his all-encompassing approach. He’s the maestro behind his music—producing, recording, editing, and directing his own videos. Even his digital art, from album covers to social media content, is his creation. While this singular focus may isolate him at times, it also preserves the purity of his style. Collaboration isn’t off the table; Chetta remains open to learning from others while staying true to his immersive creativity.

Beyond music, Chetta dives into the business side of the industry, eager to unravel its intricacies for his gain. As his style matures, he plans to keep the creative fire burning, whether through music or other forms of art. For Chetta, creation is a full-time gig, inside or outside the music realm.

His fashion venture, STAFF WORKFORCE, born with his best friend, is a canvas for his talents. Seasonal releases and upcoming merch for his EP are on the horizon. SIN KREWE, a merchandise line, stands testament to Chetta’s solo creative prowess.

The future? An eclectic mix. While music remains a constant, Chetta dreams of directing a horror movie and showcasing his art in a gallery. This young visionary is unstoppable, with a boundless vision for his art.

Featured image: Chetta

Categories: Music

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downtown Orlando at night

downtown Orlando at night – Ajax9/Shutterstock

When you think of Florida’s charm, images of tranquil waters, mesmerizing sunsets, and graceful palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze often come to mind. Nestled in the heart of central Florida, Orlando may seem like a far cry from the picturesque coastal landscapes that dot other parts of the state. However, this vibrant city offers its own unique brand of beauty.

Instead of vast sandy beaches, Orlando’s skyline is adorned with rooftop views that stretch across the horizon, dazzling fireworks that light up the night, and those ever-present sunsets framed perfectly by the silhouettes of whispering palm trees. And while dining in Orlando, one doesn’t merely savor the flavors on the plate but also the panoramic views accompanying each meal. Though the city and its surrounding neighborhoods are full of eateries boasting magnificent vistas, each of our favorites offers an exceptional dining experience, each offering its own distinct perspective on Orlando’s charm.

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California Grill

California Grill view

California Grill view – Facebook

Once named the Top of the World Restaurant, the now-renowned California Grill opened its doors on the same day as Walt Disney World: October 1, 1971. The expansive dining hall showcases an open-kitchen concept, featuring grand pizza ovens that are as fun as obviously useful. Every corner of the restaurant affords a breathtaking view of the Magic Kingdom and its surrounding area. Even if your table isn’t directly beside a window, the panorama remains awe-inspiring. In the tradition of Disney’s signature dining experiences, the California Grill strikes a perfect balance: It exudes sophistication while warmly welcoming families, ensuring even the littlest guests have a memorable meal.

As night falls and the time for fireworks approaches, diners can return, receipt in hand, for a magical experience.

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This week’s biggest headlines in fashion spanned brand launches and fame-filled campaign releases to scandalous exposés and luxury financial reports. Among the most notable reads, Kylie Jenner announced her namesake fashion label, KHY, will launch its debut collection in November, and A$AP Rocky was named the creative director of PUMA and Formula 1’s partnership.

Elsewhere, The New York Times published a new investigation that revealed adidas had excused Ye’s misconduct for almost a decade in pursuit of profits; and Kering posted revenues that declined by 13%. Rounding out the list, Maggie Smith fronted LOEWE’s latest campaign; Robert Pattinson starred in Dior’s new Icons imagery, and Balenciaga unveiled its first-ever ski capsule.

Below, Hypebeast has rounded up the top fashion stories of the week so you can stay up to date on trends in the industry.

Kylie Jenner Unveiled Her New Clothing Label, KHY

This week, Kylie Jenner pulled back the curtain on her all-new clothing line, titled Khy.

The brand, which takes its moniker from a nickname of Kylie’s, will house various other “guest designers and concepts throughout the year,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, the label aims to produce “investment pieces” for affordable prices, and nothing in Khy’s inaugural release will cost more than $200 USD.

Following the initial announcement, Khy’s official Instagram account confirmed that its debut collection, which was designed in collaboration with Namilia and features a number of black leather garments, launches online on November 1. Learn more here.

adidas Tolerated Ye’s Misconduct for Almost a Decade, According to New York Times Investigation

According to a new report from The New York Times, adidas “had been tolerating [Ye’s] misconduct behind the scenes for nearly a decade.”

The German sportswear company held onto its highly-lucrative YEEZY partnership

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Speaker of the House Emerita Nancy Pelosi, top right, and her husband Paul Pelosi, center, speak with a group while attending the San Francisco Opera Ball at City Hall on Friday, Sept. 8.

Photo: Benjamin Fanjoy/Special to The Chronicle

“The Elixir of Opera,” the Donizetti-referencing motif of the 101st San Francisco Opera season-opening ball, brought all the expected pageantry and glamor the occasion is internationally known for. 

From the sumptuous decor at San Francisco City Hall by J. Riccardo Benavides and dinner by McCalls Catering & Events at the gala dinner to the gowns, jewels, white ties and tuxedos that filled the seats for the concert at the War Memorial Opera House, formality and tradition were on full display on Friday, Sept. 8. 

But the reality is that steps from the celebration, the city is facing serious problems. Within the Civic Center, home to the San Francisco Opera, Symphony, Ballet and other leading arts organizations, people lay on sidewalks amid open drug dealing and empty buildings on Market Street, many showing signs of varying degrees of blight. 

“Don’t you remember when you loved coming to San Francisco and couldn’t wait to get dressed up for the trip?” said Sheniece Smith of Napa, who attended the ball with a group of friends.

Indeed, San Franciscan J. Rene Harper said that while she loves the fashion and sense of occasion during a night of attending performing arts, she is very aware that “the worst part of the city is two blocks away. That doesn’t make people feel safe.” 

Light projects in the Rotunda of City Hall as guests attend the San Francisco Opera Ball’s after-party at City Hall on Friday, Sept. 8.

Photo: Benjamin Fanjoy/Special to The Chronicle

But both believe that the arts will be key to San Francisco’s ongoing recovery. 

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ICYMI: Schoolcore, a trending subdivision of preppy style, is having a moment. Popularized by celebrities, influencers, and fashion brands — Thom Browne, Chopova Lowena, Miu Miu, etc. — the uniform (quite literally) for this youthful aesthetic is comprised of a few key staples, namely, dress shirts, blazers, and plaid skirts. Still, the look is at its best when it veers slightly off course. That may look like swapping out loafers for combat boots or putting on a graphic tee in lieu of a button-down — but the variations don’t end there.

We caught up with fashion influencers Cara Lovello, Summer Rachel Warren, and Mercedes Gonzalez Mayo, who shared their favorite ways to wear a school girl outfit today. If you ask us, between HBO Max’s Gossip Girl and movies like 2022’s Do Revenge, there may be no better time than now to attempt this trend (that is, if you haven’t already). Ready to incorporate Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time” vibes into your wardrobe?

Keep reading for 11 school girl outfit ideas, plus product recommendations and styling tips straight from fashion insiders.

Show Off Your Socks

Getty Images

Long socks have become an essential part of the preppy look, whether they’re crew length or knee-high. While they’re most often paired with loafers and babydoll shoes, we’re partial to these ballet flats, which give the popular aesthetic a refreshing update.

Try a Graphic T-Shirt

Getty Images

If you’re hoping for a more casual feel with an Indie Sleaze spin, trade your standard button-down for a graphic tee instead. This quick switch is an easy yet effective way to get your school girl outfit to stand out among the crowd.

Add Some Edge with Combat Boots

Getty Images

For a twist on the schoolcore trend, Lovello suggested ditching the Mary Janes and

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BLK DNM is an American-Swedish fashion brand that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s. The brand has undergone significant changes recently, relaunching itself as a luxury fashion company and being acquired by ChromaWay, a Swedish blockchain technology company, earlier this year.

Toni Collin, a retail veteran and CEO of BLK DNM, has brought Jessy Heuvelink on board as their Creative Director. Heuvelink’s impressive resume includes working with J. Lindeberg, Adidas, and Christian Lacroix. Collin is introducing BLK DNM as a “Connected Fashion” concept focusing on sustainability and responsibility. To this end, BLK DNM has launched a collection of leather jackets connected and powered by blockchain technology.

The jackets are embedded with NFC chips that track and instantly confirm their authenticity, reducing the risk of counterfeits. Each item is also featured with a digital twin, which is a unique identity, and the product carries and tracks all data from conception to future provenance. “Our jackets will tell a story. With our blockchain technology, you can track the provenance and authenticate, creating a life story of the jacket and its value.” Explained Heuvelink.

The brand also provides a Forever Refund Policy, which guarantees an “eternal cashback” redeemable value for customers who wish to return an item for recycling. The policy ensures customers receive at least 10% of the item’s value. The articles are then refurbished and resold by the company. “We believe in taking responsibility for the quantity of products we produce and aim to inspire our customers to take responsibility for the amount they consume. By working together, we can close the loop and create a more sustainable future,” said Collin.

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Of all the aesthetics Instagram has made famous, “cottagecore” is probably one of our favorites. There’s something about the voluminous silhouettes, soft floral patterns, and earth tones that feel oh-so-dreamy — plus, a tad escapist, too — and honestly, we can’t get enough. Although the trend naturally leans conservative, it can be interpreted in myriad ways.

For instance, celebs and fashion influencers are stepping out in cottagecore styles that are way less Little House on the Prairie and far more risqué. Has your fashion antennae perked up yet? We hope so because the options are endless, from peasant blouses to straw accessories. So, if you’re after a slice of bucolic life à la whimsical style of dress, you’ve come to the right place.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite cottagecore outfits that bring Victorian-era-inspired romance to the 21st century (thanks, Bridgerton).

Cinch with a Belt

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

If you’re worried that your cottagecore style will look too matronly, don’t. This sheer lace number with tapered sleeves gets a touch of sophistication with the help of nothing more than a black belt and boots.

Wear a Dress Over Pants

Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Although your simple puff sleeve dress can be worn on its own and nail cottagecore without even trying, consider a slight variation. Add your dress over your jeans and land a super on-trend style without all the effort. For a pop of color and preppy flair, layer a sweater or jacket over your shoulders.

Throw on a Vest

Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Prairie blouses are the pinnacle of cottagecore, but if you want to add a touch of personality to the otherwise sweet and innocent look, add a vest. Care to go a bit more sultry? Try a corset to accentuate

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